38th IEEE Symposium on
Security and Privacy

Poster: Experimental Evaluation of Website Fingerprinting using Deep Learning
Payap Sirinam, Mohsen Imani and Matthew Wright.

Poster: (SF)^2I - Structure Field Software Fault Isolation
Spyridoula Gravani, Zhuojia Shen and John Criswell.

Poster: A DDoS Peak Traffic Volume Prediction Method Based on Machine Learning
Shuang Wei, Yijing Ding, Tongxin Li, Shuaifu Dai, Xinfeng Wu and Xinhui Han.

Poster: A New Approach to Detecting Ransomware with Deception
Yun Feng, Chaoge Liu and Baoxu Liu.

Poster: A Novel P2P-over-Zeronet Anonymous Communication Platform
Jinli Zhang, Junwei Su and Di Wu.

Poster: A Reputation-Based Resilient P2P Botnet
Jie Yin, Xiang Cui and Ke Li.

Poster: A Website Protection Framework Against Targeted Attacks based on Cyber Deception
Jianbao Lin, Chaoge Liu, Xiang Cui and Zhaopeng Jia.

Poster: Adaptcha: An Adaptive CAPTCHA for Improved User Experience
Brian Powell, Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa and Afzel Noore.

Poster: An Analysis of Targeted Password Guessing Using Neural Networks
Huan Zhou, Qixu Liu and Fangjiao Zhang.

Poster: Android Collusive Data Leaks with Flow-sensitive DIALDroid Dataset
Amiangshu Bosu, Fang Liu, Danfeng Yao and Gang Wang.

Poster: Automatically Protecting Your Vulnerable Smart Devices: An Enhanced Wireless Router Approach
Zhitao Yan, Binxing Fang and Xiang Cui.

Poster: Browser's "search form" issues and countermeasures
Yuji Suga.

Poster: CRAFTED: Code Reuse Analysis for Trusted and Effective Defense
Ethan Johnson, Tianqin Zhao and John Criswell.

Poster: Can Johnny Authenticate?
Elham Vaziripour, Justin Wu, Mark O'Neill, Ray Clinton, Jordan Whitehead, Scott Heidbrink, Kent Seamons and Daniel Zappala.

Poster: Control-data plane intelligence trade-off in SDN
Yash Sinha and Siddharth Bhatia.

Poster: Design of Backdoor on Android Devices
Junsung Cho, Geumhwan Cho, Sangwon Hyun and Hyoungshick Kim.

Poster: Detecting Command and Control Servers of Botnet With Randomized Traffic
Di Wu, Binxing Fang and Fangjiao Zhang.

Poster: Detecting WebInjects through Live Memory Inspection
Nicola Mariani, Andrea Continella, Marcello Pogliani, Michele Carminati, Federico Maggi and Stefano Zanero.

Poster: Dynamic Taint Analysis of Concurrent Program Based on Symbolic Execution
Yu Hao, Xiaodong Zhang, Zijiang Yang and Ting Liu.

Poster: EPOXY—Enabling Robust Protection for Bare-metal Systems
Abraham Clements, Naif Saleh Almakhdhub, Khaled S. Saab, Prashast Srivastava, Jinkyu Koo, Saurabh Bagchi and Mathias Payer.

Poster: Extending Defensive Distillation
Nicolas Papernot and Patrick McDaniel.

Poster: Fingerprinting Hidden Service Circuits from a Tor Middle Relay
Marc Juarez, Rob Jansen, Rafael Galvez, Tariz Elahi, Claudia Diaz, and Matthew Wright.

Poster: Flow Inspection Scheduling for Cyber Security on Software-Defined Networks
Sunghwan Kim, Seunghyun Yoon and Hyuk Lim.

Poster: Guard Sets in Tor Using AS Relationships
Mohsen Imani, Armon Barton and Matthew Wright.

Poster: HOnions: Detection and Identification of Snooping Tor HSDirs
Amirali Sanatinia and Guevara Noubir.

Poster: HoneyBot: A Honeypot for Robotic Systems
Celine Irvene, David Formby, Samuel Litchfield and Raheem Beyah.

Poster: IDE Plugins for Secure Coding
Aniqua Baset and Tamara Denning.

Poster: Identifying and Tracking Web Attackers Based on Deceptive Technology and Browser Fingerprinting
Heyang Lv, Binxing Fang and Xiang Cui.

Poster: IoTcube: An Automated Analysis Platform for Finding Security Vulnerabilities
Seulbae Kim, Seunghoon Woo, Heejo Lee, and Hakjoo Oh.

Poster: Low-latency blockchain consensus
Cristina Basescu, Eleftherios Kokoris-Kogias and Bryan Ford.

Poster: Multi-Source Data Analysis for SQL Injection Detection
Kevin Ross, Melody Moh, Teng Moh and Jason Yao.

Poster: PCA-based statistical anomaly detection of reactive jamming in WiFi networks
Ni An, Vinod Mishra and Steven Weber.

Poster: Phishing on Facebook
Sovantharith Seng, Matthew Wright and Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen.

Poster: PredicTor: Predicting Fast Circuits For A Faster User Experience in Tor
Armon Barton, Mohsen Imani, Jiang Ming and Matthew Wright.

Poster: Scalable Bias-Resistant Distributed Randomness
Ewa Syta, Philipp Jovanovic, Eleftherios Kokoris Kogias, Nicolas Gailly, Linus Gasser, Ismail Khoffi, Michael J. Fischer, and Bryan Ford

Poster: Secure Computations of Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Fattaneh Bayatbabolghani, Marina Blanton, Mehrdad Aliasgari and Michael Goodrich.

Poster: Security Analysis of HSTS Implementation in Browsers
Yan Jia and Yuqing Zhang.

Poster: ServerLess C&C channel
Jianjun Zhao, Fangjiao Zhang and Chaoge Liu.

Poster: Shell We Play A Game? CTF-as-a-service for Security Education
Adam Doupe and Giovanni Vigna.

Poster: Summarized Network Behavior Prediction
Shih-Chieh Su.

Poster: Tracking VM Attackers Based on Browser Fingerprinting
Xiaoxi Wang, Min Li, Xiaoyun Li and Qixu Liu.

Poster: Understanding Free-riding Attacks in Internet Zero-rating Services
Zhiheng Liu, Zhen Zhang, Shihao Jing, Zhaohan Xi and Yinzhi Cao.

Poster: Use Privacy in Data-Driven Systems: Theory and Experiments with Machine Learnt Programs
Anupam Datta, Matt Fredrikson, Gihyuk Ko, Piotr Mardziel and Shayak Sen.

Poster: Using Twitter to Identify Privacy Information
Esha Sharma and Jessica Staddon.

Poster: Why Privacy is All But Forgotten - An Empirical Study of Privacy and Sharing Attitude
Kovila P.L. Coopamootoo and Thomas Gross.

Poster: Zero-day Botnet Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) Detection using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs)
Yu Fu, Lu Yu and Richard Brooks.