35th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy


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Modelling Bitcoin Contracts by Timed Automata
Marcin Andrychowicz, Stefan Dziembowski, Daniel Malinowski, Lukasz Mazurek

ArgSEC, A Security Administrator's Assistant
Andy Applebaum, Karl Levitt, Jeff Rowe

The Case for Provenance as a First Class Citizen in the Linux Kernel
Adam Bates, Kevin R. B. Butler, Thomas Moyer

Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for a von Neumann Architecture
Eli Ben-Sasson, Alessandro Chiesa, Eran Tromer, Madars Virza

Towards a framework for Network-based Malware detection System
Abimael Carrasquillo, Albert E. Maldonado, Eric Santos, José Ortiz-Ubarri

Toward Understanding Spamming Behavior in Public Forums
Euijin Choo, Ting Yu, Min Chi

Fingerprinting Smartphones Through Speaker
Anupam Das, Nikita Borisov

Insight into Virus Spreading in Social Networks via Percolation Theory
Anahita Davoudi

The Security Cards: A Security Threat Brainstorming Toolkit
Tamara Denning, Batya Friedman, Tadayoshi Kohno

Security Quotient - Defined
Naga Sushma Devarapalli

Proofs of Space
Stefan Dziembowski, Sebastian Faust, Vladimir Kolmogorov, Krzysztof Pietrzak

Analyzing the Data Semantics of Security Patches
Robin Gonzalez, Michael E. Locasto

Stigmalware: Investigating the Prevalence of Malware in the Clinical Domain
Sai R. Gouravajhala, Amir Rahmati, Evan Chavis, Denis Foo Kune, Peter Honeyman, Michael Bailey, Kevin Fu

iSecureRing : Forensic ready Secure iOS apps for jailbroken iPhones
Jayaprakash Govindaraj, Rashmi Ainahalli Mata, Robin Verma, Gaurav Gupta

Design and Automatic Evaluation of Control Flow Obfuscators in a Dynamic Attack Context
Geoffroy Gueguen, Sébastien Josse, Ludovic Me

Risk-based Approach: A New Perspective on Declassification and Endorsement
Yunchuan Guo, Lihua Yin, Liang Chang, Athanasios V. Vasilakos

Mobile Security for Dummies: Designing Mobile Security Interfaces for the Non-Expert with Predictive Human Performance Modelling
Ann-Marie Horcher

Multi-Sign-on; Authentication collecter
Takashi Ishizuka, Hajime Iwata, Manabu Okamoto

I Know Where You've Been: Geo-Inference Attacks via the Browser Cache
Yaoqi Jia, Xinshu Dong, Zhenkai Liang, Prateek Saxena

Optimization based Data De-anonymization
Shouling Ji, Weiqing Li, Jing S. He, Mudhakar Srivatsa, Raheem Beyah

Statistical coding scheme for the protection of cryptographic systems against brute-force attack
Hyun-Ju Jo, Ji Won Yoon

Detection and Prevention of Web-based Device Fingerprinting
Daehyeok Kim

Specification and Verification of Confidentiality in Component-Based Systems
Max E. Kramer, Anton Hergenroder, Martin Hecker, Simon Greiner, Kaibin Bao

Di-PriDA: A Privacy-preserving Meter Querying System for Smart Grid Load Balancing
Xiaojing Liao, David Formby, Carson Day, Raheem A. Beyah

Mobile Security Threat and Countermeasure
Zuleika G. Lopez

Detecting Unexpected Behaviors in HTML5 Mobile Apps using Difference in Execution Context
Jian Mao, Yaoqi Jia, Xinshu Dong, Yue Chen, Ruilong Wang, Zhenkai Liang

Quantifying Information Flow for Dynamic Secrets
Piotr Mardziel, Mario S. Alvim, Michael Hicks, Michael R. Clarkson

Exploitation of vulnerabilities - if, when and how often
Kartik Nayak, Daniel Marino, Petros Efstathopoulos, Tudor Dumitras

Power Replay Attack in Electronic Door Locks
Seongyeol Oh, Joon-sung Yang, Andrea Bianchi, Hyoungshick Kim

Hide me if you can. Location Blurring on Firefox OS.
Marta Piekarska

TRESPASS: Plug-and-Play Attacker Profiles for Security Risk Analysis
Wolter Pieters, Dina Hadziosmanovic, Aleksandr Lenin, Lorena Montoya, Jan Willemson

Large-Scale Tor Experimentation
Sukhbir Singh, Ian Goldberg, David Taylor

Time Randomization to Thwart Concurrency Bug Exploitation
David Tagatac, Sal Stolfo

Practical Website Fingerprinting on Tor
Tao Wang, Ian Goldberg

Oblivious Data Structures
Xiao Wang, Kartik Nayak, Chang Liu, Elaine Shi, Emil Stefanov, Yan Huang

A Study of Smartphone User Privacy from the Advertiser's Perspective
Yan Wang, Yingying Chen, Fan Ye, Jie Yang, Hongbo Liu

A Precise and General Inter-component Data Flow Analysis Framework for Security Vetting of Android Apps
Fengguo Wei, Sankardas Roy, Xinming Ou, Robby

Distributed Delegation of Computation with Verification Outsourcing
Gang Xu, George Amariucai, Yong Guan

Maxwell: User-Driven Information Flow Control for Android
Jun Yuan, Rob Johnson

Cloud-Entry: Elusive Tor Entry Points in Cloud
Zhenlong Yuan, Xiaoxian Chen, Yibo Xue, Yingfei Dong

HTTP Botnet Resilient to Takedown
Chia-Mu Yu

Targeted Therapy for Program Bugs
Qiang Zeng, Mingyi Zhao, Peng Liu