35th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy


Below is the list of short talks scheduled for Tuesday, May 20 at 5pm.

Human Computable Passwords
Jeremiah Blocki, Anupam Datta, and Manuel Blum
Presented by Jeremiah Blocki

Accountability, Deterrence, and Identifiability
Joan Feigenbaum, Aaron Jaggard, and Rebecca Wright
Presented by Aaron Jaggard

Representing Network Trust and Using It to Improve Anonymous Communication
Aaron Jaggard, Aaron Johnson, Paul Syverson, and Joan Feigenbaum
Presented by Aaron Jaggard

Malware Dynamic Recompilation
Sébastian Josse
Presented by Sébastian Josse

Exploitation of Vulnerabilities — If, When, and How Often
Kartik Nayak, Daniel Marino, Petros Efstathopoulos, and Tudor Dumitras
Presented by Kartik Nayak

Ironclad Apps: End-to-End Security via Automated Full-System Verification
Chris Hawblitzel, Jon Howell, Jay Lorch, Bryan Parno, and Brian Zill
Presented by Bryan Parno

A Model towards using Evidence from Security Events For Network Attack Analysis
Anoop Singhal
Presented by Anoop Singhal

Preserving Trust in Cloud Computing
S. Srinivasan
Presented by Anoop Singhal

TLS Handshake Proxying
Nicholas Sullivan
Presented by Nicholas Sullivan

Oblivious Data Structures
Xiao Wang, Kartik Nayak, Chang Liu, Elaine Shi, Emil Stefanov, Yan Huang
Presented by Xiao Wang

Security Switch
Simon Yoffe
Presented by Simon Yoffe

NSF Funding Opportunities in Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC)
Jeremey Epstein
Presented by Jeremy Epstein