History of the Security and Privacy Symposium

Conference Chairs and Technical Committee Officers
Year Program Chairs General Chair Vice Chair TC Chair TC VC est est attendance
2019 Kruegel, Shacham Gondree Ciocarlie Peisert Erlingsson    
2018 Parno, Kruegel Li Gondree Peisert Erlingsson   591
2017 Erlingsson, Parno Butler Li Lindqvist Peisert  587
2016 Shmatikov, Erlingsson Locasto Butler Lindqvist Peisert  578
2015 Bauer, Shmatikov Peisert Locasto McDaniel Lindqvist  571
2014 Backes, Perrig, Wang Shannon Peisert McDaniel Lindqvist  484
2013 W. Lee, Perrig, Backes Sommer Shannon Dietrich McDaniel  476
2012 Jha and W. Lee Cunningham Sommer Dietrich McDaniel  ~420
2011 Vigna and Jha Frincke Cunningham Orman Dietrich  350
2010 Evans and Vigna Lindqvist Frincke Orman Dietrich   345
2009 Myer and Evans Du Lindqvist Irvine Orman  270?
2008 McDaniel and Rubin Guan Du Irvine Orman  315?
2007 Pfitzmann and McDaniel Shands Guan Millen Irvine  350?
2006 Paxson and Pfitzmann Orman Shands Millen Irvine  210?
2005 Waidner and Paxson Tate Orman Hinton Millen
2004 Wagner and Waidner Badger Tate Hinton Millen
2003 Bellovin and Wagner Blakley Badger Reiter Hinton
2002 Abadi and Bellovin Hinton Blakley Reiter Hinton
2001 Needham and Abadi Gong Hinton Berson Reiter
2000 Reiter and Needham Millen Gong Berson Reiter
1999 Gong and Reiter McLean Millen Pfleeger Berson
1998 Karger and Gong Reiter McLean Pfleeger Berson  200?
1997 Dinolt and Karger Kent Reiter Cooper Pfleeger   260?
1996 McHugh and Dinolt Johnson Kent Cooper Pfleeger   200?
1995 Meadows and McHugh Landwehr Johnson Benzel Cooper   210?
1994 Rushby and Meadows C.Garvey Landwehr Benzel Cooper   200
1993 Kemmerer and Rushby Lunt C.Garvey McHugh Benzel   262
1992 McLean and Kemmerer Cooper Lunt McHugh Benzel   299?
1991 Lunt and McLean Schnackenberg Cooper Hinke McHugh   340?
1990 Cooper and Lunt Downs Schnackenberg Hinke McHugh   340?
1989 Berson and Cooper Benzel Downs Landwehr Hinke 1100 340?
1988 Lipner and Berson Bailey Benzel Landwehr Hinke 750 345*
1987 Bailey and Lipner Gligor - Kemmerer Landwehr 700 300
1986 Gligor and Bailey Weissman - Kemmerer Landwehr
1985 Millen and Gligor Morris - Kemmerer Landwehr
1984 Denning and Millen Tasker - Lipner Kemmerer
1983 Blakely and Denning Schaefer - Lipner Kemmerer
1982 Neumann Schell - Ames Lipner 120 100
1981 Davida, Blakely, Schaefer, Turn Ames - Turn
1980 no proceedings produced, but the symposium was held

Other Technical Committee and Conference Volunteers
Year Conf.
Subcom Chair
Conf. Pubs
Conf. Workshops
Conf. Website
2013 Sommer Hilarie Orman   ShannonButlerCampAkhawe Peisert, Cardenas, Switzer, Lindqvist, Benzel, Engle
2012 Shannon Hilarie Orman   BenzelButlerDietrich? Molnar, Talbott, Lindqvist
2011 Sommer Hilarie Orman   BenzelButlerGagnon K. Gates, Lindqvist, Greenstadt
2010 Shaffer Hilarie Orman   BenzelMcNeillGatesFelt
2009 Shambroom Hilarie Orman   Benzel Gates
2008 Shambroom Hilarie Orman   Orman
2007 Benzel Hilarie Orman   Orman
2006 Benzel Hilarie Orman
2005 Chen Hilarie Orman
2004 Chen Hilarie Orman
2003 Hall Jim Davis
2002 Blakley Jim Davis
2001 Brian Loe Jim Davis
2000 Brian Loe Jim Davis ? Brian Loe
1999 Brian Loe Paul Syverson & Avi Rubin
1998 Brian Loe Paul Syverson & Avi Rubin
1997 Brian Loe Carl Landwehr
1996 Charles Payne Carl Landwehr
1995 Charles Payne Carl Landwehr ?? ??
1994 Jeff Thomas ?
1993 Jeff Thomas ?
1992 Jeff Thomas
1991 Jerzy Rub
1990 Jerzy Rub
1989 Jerzy Rub David Bailey Stan Ames Steve Crocker
1989 Jerzy Rub David Bailey Stan Ames Steve Crocker
1988 Marty Hurley David Bailey - -
1987   Paul Woodie - -
1986   Paul Woodie - -
1985   Paul Woodie - -
1984   Paul Woodie - -
1983   Anne-Marie Claybrook - -
1982   Anne-Marie Claybrook - -

Newsletter staff: CFP editor, Yong Guan. Assistant Editor, Sven Dietrich. Book Review Editor: Robert Bruen, Richard Austin.

S&P Outstanding Paper Awards
Year Authors Title Award
2013 Bryan Parno, Craig Gentry, Jon Howell, and Mariana Raykova Pinocchio: Nearly Practical Verifiable Computation Best Paper
  Amir Houmansadr, Chad Brubaker, and Vitaly Shmatikov; The Parrot is Dead: Observing Unobservable Network Communications Best Practical Paper, sponsored by IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine
  Kevin Z. Snow, Fabian Monrose, Lucas Davi, Alexandra Dmitrienko, Christopher Liebchen, and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi Just-In-Time Code Reuse: On the Effectiveness of Fine-Grained ASLR Best Student Paper
2012 Benedikt Driessen, Ralf Hund, Carsten Willems, Christof Paar, and Thorsten Holz Don't Trust Satellite Phones: A Security Analysis of Two Satphone Standards Best Paper
  Franziska Roesner, Tadayoshi Kohno, Alexander Moshchuk, Bryan Parno, Helen J. Wang, and Crispin Cowan User-Driven Access Control: Rethinking Permission Granting in Modern Operating Systems Best Practical Paper, sponsored by IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine
  Suman Jana and Vitaly Shmatikov Memento: Learning Secrets from Process Footprints Best Student Paper (sponsored by Google)
2011 Rui Wang, Shuo Chen, XiaoFeng Wang, Shaz Qadeer How to Shop for Free Online Best Practical Paper, sponsored by IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine:
  Andrew M. White, Kevin Snow, Austin Matthews, Fabian Monrose Hookt on fon-iks: Phonotactic Reconstruction of Encrypted VoIP Conversations Best Paper
  Elie Bursztein, Mike Hamburg, Jocelyn Lagarenne, Dan Boneh OpenConflict: Preventing Real Time Map Hacks in Online Games Best Student Paper
2010 Steven J. Murdoch, Saar Drimer, Ross Anderson, Mike Bond Chip and PIN is Broken Best Practical Paper, sponsored by IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine:
  Tielei Wang, Tao Wei, Guofei Gu, Wei Zou TaintScope: A Checksum-Aware Directed Fuzzing Tool for Automatic Software Vulnerability Detection Best Student Paper
  Margarita Osadchy, Benny Pinkas, Ayman Jarrous, Boaz Moskovich SCiFI - A System for Secure Face Identification Best Paper
2009Flavio D. Garcia, Peter van Rossum, Roel Verdult, Ronny Wichers SchreurWirelessly Pickpocketing a Mifare Classic CardBest Practical Paper Award(from IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine)
  Monirul Sharif, Andrea Lanzi, Jonathon Giffin, Wenke LeeAutomatic Reverse Engineering of Malware EmulatorsBest Student Paper Award
  Bennet Yee, David Sehr, Gregory Dardyk, Brad Chen, Robert Muth, Tavis Ormandy, Shiki Okasaka, Neha Narula, Nicholas FullagarNative Client: A Sandbox for Portable, Untrusted x86 Native CodeBest paper
2008Daniel Halperinm Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin, Benjamin Ransford, Shane S. Clark, Benessa Defend, Will Morgan and Kevin Fu, Tadayoshi Kohno, William H. Maisel Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power DefensesOutstanding paper
 Saar Drimer, Steven Murdoch, and Ross AndersonThinking Inside the Box: System-level Failures of Tamper ProofingIEEE Security and Privacy Magazine Award
 Francis David, Ellick Chan, Jeffrey Carlyle, and Roy CampbellCloaker: Hardware Supported Rootkit ConcealmentBest Student Paper
1996-2007(None given)
1995 Olin Sibert, Philip A. Porras, Mark Heckman The Intel 80x86 Processor Architecture: Pitfalls for Secure Systems
1994 Martin Abadi and Roger Needham Prudent Engineering Practice for Cryptographic Protocols
 Michael K. Reiter A Secure Group Membership Protocol
1993(None given)
1992 Jonathan Millen A Resource Allocation Model for Denial of Service Certificate awarded
1991 Catherine MeadowsA System for the Specification and Analysis of Key Management ProtocolsCertificate awarded
 Wei-Ming Hu Reducing Timing Channels with Fuzzy TimeCertificate awarded
1990 John McLean Security Models and Information Flow
  Karger, Zurko, Bonin, Mason, Kahn A VMM Security Kernel for the VAX ArchitectureCertificates received OK (McLean, at least, and probably Karger)
1989 Li Gong A Secure Identity-Based Capability System
 Lee Badger A Model for Specifying Multi-Granularity Integrity Policies
1988 Clark Weissman Blacker: Security for the DDN, Examples of A1 Security Engineering Trades
 Yu and Gligor A Formal Specification and Verification Method for the Prevention of Denial of Service
1987 Denning, Lunt, Schell, Heckman, Shockley A Multilevel Relational Data ModelCertificates awarded
1986 Kain and Landwehr On Access Checking in Capability-Based Systems
 Haigh and Young Extending the Non-Interference Version of MLS for SATCash
 certificates arranged for all prior years in spring '94

A brief note about the founding of the conference.