History, IEEE Security and Privacy Technical Committee

And the rest is history ... 

We need to remember this for posterity.


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Yes I think it was established at a governing board meeting in 79 but
possibly started in in late 78. Once it was approved Rein and I moved
quickly to organize the conference give the need.

It didnt take long to get the conference apprived and funded as the
society was eager to delve into the area.
There was also some controversy as the NSA moved to impose
secrecy orders against me and one other person. It lead
to the establishment of the ACE (American Council on Education) committee
on public cryptology. It voted, with my sole negative vote, to recommend
"voluntary preview" of papers in crypto. It of course failed and the
rest is history.


On 10/12/07, Cynthia Irvine  wrote:
> George,
> Does that meant that the TC was established in 1979; it would have
> taken several months to organize the symposium?
> Cynthia
> On Oct 12, 2007, at 6:29 AM, Professor G. Davida wrote:
> > Hi Cynthia
> > Rein Turn and I were the founders for this.
> > Memory is getting hazy :-)
> > After the governing board established it
> > we then set up the first conference.
> >
> > I had talked to Peter Neuman recently and he was
> > also trying to do some history checking. Perhaps we need
> > a historian? :-)
> >
> > Regards
> > George
> >
> > On 10/11/07, Cynthia Irvine < irvine@nps.edu> wrote:George,
> >
> > I'm the incoming chair of the IEEE TC on Security and Privacy and am
> > trying learn a bit of history.
> >
> > The TC was founded prior to the 1980 S&P meeting, since the
> > proceedings show that the meeting was sponsored by the TC.  When was
> > the TC founded?  Was  Rein Turn the other founder?