Cipher Privacy Policy
September 20, 2005

The following paragraphs detail the types of information collected about readers of Cipher and authorized uses of that information.This constitutes the privacy policy of the Technical Community on Security and Privacy (TC) with respect to the Cipher mail list.

1. Personal Information Collected

a. If you 'subscribe' to receive either the postcard announcement or the text version of Cipher, you are added to a mail list managed by the Cipher Editor containing the following information: your email address, your name, the date you subscribed, and whether you requested the postcard or full text. When you 'unsubscribe' or if your email address becomes invalid, your record is deleted or marked as unused. Cipher uses a mailing list service provided by an ISP; records maintained by that service are, to the best of our knowledge, consistent with these stipulations.

b. If you read Cipher on the TC web page at, the TC does not collect information about you. Your IP address and the time of access are recorded by the website hosting service for the purpose of improving performance.
2. Policy on Use of Cipher Mailing List (3 May 2000):
The Cipher mailing list is primarily for mailing Cipher (full-text and postcard versions) and occasional addenda and corrections, and for mailings associated with TC-sponsored conferences, workshops, and events. It may also be used for urgent official communications of the Technical Community on Security and Privacy. It is not to be used, sold, traded, rented, etc. for any other purpose.
3. Authority
Issues related to appropriate use of the mail list will be decided by the chair of the Technical Community on Security and Privacy