Submitting Calls-for-Papers to Cipher

The Cipher calendar and CFP list are primarily for the use of researchers in the field of computer and network security who are looking for venues to publish original work. Thus, the great majority of the announcements are for academic events, and they are usually sponsored by a college, university, or professional society. Other types of conferences may be included at the discretion of the editor.

Please be clear about how the proceedings will be published. In order to help academic researchers with their publications, the Cipher editors give the highest priority to events that have published, indexed, proceedings. Events that distribute proceedings only to attendees, or that publish only a few of the presented papers, or otherwise limit publication, may be included in the Calender, with a notation about the absence or limitation of proceedings, but not in the Call-for-Papers page.

To have a conference considered for inclusion in the Cipher calendar and Calls-for-Papers, submit a plain text version of the CFP to cipher-cfp @ . (See information about email failures.)

A URL, instead of ascii text, is acceptable if the web page has all the essential information available as ascii text that can be "selected" using a window system interface. If the date or place or other information is in an embedded graphic, it may delay processing of the CFP indefinitely.

A third option, for HTML experts, is to submit HTML for a calendar and CFP entry in the exact HTML format used in compiled listings; use "view source" in a browser to see the format of calendar and CFP pages. Use this option only if you have extensive experience editing HTML source files.

If your email to cipher-cfp contains a disclaimer such as "the contents of this message are confidential" or "Copyright", then your announcement will not be posted. Please be aware of the policy used by the institution that hosts your email account, and if they automatically attach such disclaimers, you will need to send the announcement from a different account.

If you are sending a CFP that is copied from the previous year's event, please make sure that you have changed all occurrences of the year to match the new event. Failure to do this may result in the event being rejected because it is already past.

Over the years it has become increasing common for events to extend the original deadline for paper submissions. We cannot guarantee that such changes will be processed before the new deadline.

We do not post calls for participation, calls for posters, or commercial opportunities for speakers, booths, etc.

Finally, please remember that all IEEE TC S&P activities are performed by volunteers, and we cannot guarantee timeliness of posting, though we do our best. A gentle inquiry after two weeks may be helpful to your cause; more frequent or insistent inquiries will not.