Officers of the

Technical Committee on Security and Privacy

IEEE Computer Society


Elected Officers (*) Terms of Office until December 31, 2019
* Chair
     Sean Peisert
     Staff Scientist, Berkeley National Lab
     Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, CENIC
     Associate Adjunct Professor, UC Davis
     tcchair at
Security and Privacy Symposium 2017 General Chair Emeritus
     Kevin Butler
     University of Florida
     butler at
* Vice Chair
     Úlfar Erlingsson
     Manager, Security Research
     tcchair at
Technical Committee Treasurer
     Yong Guan
     Iowa State University
     treasurer at
Cipher Newsletter Editor and TC Awards Chair
     Hilarie Orman
     Purple Streak, Inc.
     500 S. Maple Dr.
     Woodland Hills, UT 84653
     (801) 423-1052 (voice)
     cipher-editor at
Security and Privacy Symposium 2018 General Chair
     Jason Li
     Intelligent Automation, Inc.
     oakland18-chair at

Last update: January 2, 2018