MAY 18-20, 2020

41st IEEE Symposium on
Security and Privacy

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Best Paper Award

Sponsored by Microsoft

TRRespass: Exploiting the Many Sides of Target Row Refresh Pietro Frigo (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Emanuele Vannacci (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Hasan Hassan (ETH Zürich), Victor van der Veen (Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.), Onur Mutlu (ETH Zürich), Cristiano Giuffrida (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Herbert Bos (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Kaveh Razavi (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Best Practical Paper Award

Sponsored by Intel

An Analysis of Pre-installed Android Software Julien Gamba (IMDEA Networks Institute / Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Mohammed Rashed (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Abbas Razaghpanah (Stony Brook University), Juan Tapiador (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez (IMDEA Networks Institute / ICSI)

Best Student Paper Award

Sponsored by Google

Can Voters Detect Malicious Manipulation of Ballot Marking Devices? Matthew Bernhard (University of Michigan), Allison McDonald (University of Michigan), Henry Meng (University of Michigan), Jensen Hwa (University of Michigan), Nakul Bajaj (The Harker School), Kevin Chang (University of Michigan), J. Alex Halderman (University of Michigan)

Best Reviewer Award

Joe Calandrino

Research Director
Office of Technology Research and Investigation
Federal Trade Commission

Test of Time Award (1995-2006)

Test of Time Awards Video Presentation

A Sense of Self for Unix Processes Stephanie Forrest, Steven A. Hofmeyr, Anil Somayaji, Thomas A. Longstaff, 1996

Cryptovirology: Extortion-Based Security Threats and Countermeasures Adam L. Young, Moti Yung, 1996

Decentralized Trust Management Matt Blaze, Joan Feigenbaum, Jack Lacy, 1996

Analysis of a Denial of Service Attack on TCP Christoph L. Schuba, Ivan Krsul, Markus G. Kuhn, Eugene H. Spafford, Aurobindo Sundaram, Diego Zamboni, 1997

Anonymous Connections and Onion Routing Paul F. Syverson, David M. Goldschlag, Michael G. Reed, 1997

Efficient Authentication and Signing of Multicast Streams Over Lossy Channels Adrian Perrig, Ran Canetti, J. Doug Tygar, Dawn Xiaodong Song, 2000

Practical Techniques for Searches on Encrypted Data Dawn Xiaodong Song, David A. Wagner, Adrian Perrig, 2000

Random Key Predistribution Schemes for Sensor Networks Haowen Chan, Adrian Perrig, Dawn Xiaodong Song, 2003

Distributed Detection of Node Replication Attacks in Sensor Networks Bryan Parno, Adrian Perrig, Virgil D. Gligor, 2005

Test of Time Award (2020)

Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile Karl Koscher, Alexei Czeskis, Franziska Roesner, Shwetak Patel, Tadayoshi Kohno, Stephen Checkoway, Damon McCoy, Brian Kantor, Danny Anderson, Hovav Shacham, Stefan Savage (2010)

Outside the Closed World: On Using Machine Learning for Network Intrusion Detection Robin Sommer, Vern Paxson (2010)