40th IEEE Symposium on
Security and Privacy

Symposium Presenter Information

The following guidance is for Symposium presenters. Workshop presenter information can be found at the page Workshop Authors and Presenters

For all Symposium presenters, these are the mandatory steps requiring your action:

0 Talk Previews: Talk Preview videos are due April 20 April 26, 2019. Follow the guidance for preparing and submitting a Talk Preview video.

1 Before creating your presentation: Review the guidance for presenters and the technical requirements for slides and multimedia.

2 Before you travel: If applicable, send your slides. In all cases, presenters must complete the Presenter Consent Form:

        Complete Presenter Consent Form

3 When you arrive: Visit the Speaker Ready Room within 24-hours of your talk to check your slides and (if applicable) your laptop.

4 Before your talk: Arrive within the first 10 minutes of the break immediately prior to your session (or 20 minutes before the first session of the day) at the AV booth in the back of general session.

Talk Preview: Requirements

Talk Previews are 60-second summaries of your publication, acting as an "elevator pitch" for your presentation. Only authors of accepted papers are invited to submit a Talk Preview. These videos are presented at the Symposium and published on its YouTube channel, to help attendees plan their agenda.

Sending Videos

Please upload your Talk Preview videos and fill out the Talk Preview Consent Form, using the below links:

  Complete Talk Preview Consent Form

  Submit your Talk Preview Video

Label your video using the below convention:

Technical Requirements for Talk Previews

File-based video playback formats (HD is always preferred) supported:

Symposium Presentations: Requirements

Each presentation has a 20-minute slot. Your talk is expected to take 16 minutes, with the 4 remaining minutes for questions. Because the schedule is so dense, session chairs will be relatively strict at enforcing these constraints.

You are welcome to present either:

  1. Using your own laptop; or
  2. Using a computer operated by the Symposium's A/V staff (aka "Symposium-Driven").

We strongly recommend you use Symposium-Driven slides. This involves sending your slides to us in advance. It ensures a smooth transition between speakers. You don't have to worry about bringing or plugging-in anything. Your slides will be queued up and ready to go when you walk on the stage, and you control the presentation using a remote from on-stage.

If you use your own laptop, you may be asked to disconnect it during the Q&A portion of your talk to let the next speaker set-up their own laptop. Again, unless it is absolutely critical you use your own laptop, we recommend you to do a Symposium-Driven presentation.

No matter what you elect to do, all presenters must visit the Speaker Ready Room before their talk to test slides, practice with the remote, etc.

Sending Slides (Symposium-Driven)

If you choose to have the Symposium A/V staff run your presentation, please upload it using the following link:

  Submit your Presentation

Label your presentations using the below convention:

Please bring a backup of your presentation on a USB memory stick.

We prefer to receive all on screen content prior to the start of the conference. Updates can be emailed or be made on site in the speaker ready room. All presenters with on screen content should check in at the speaker ready room or in room tech table prior to your scheduled start time. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding content or on-screen presentations.

Please inform us well in advance if an internet connection will be needed for any on-screen presentations. Internet dependent presentations may not run or display correctly due to speed, bandwidth or other network issues.

Technical Requirements for Presentations

All screens are 16:9 (1080P) native aspect ratio and we recommend all content be created in 16:9. If you are doing anything other than a standard slideshow, particularly something that requires audio or video, please tell us in advance so that we can be sure to have the proper connectors available and tested. Please note, we will not have hardwired internet available on stage.

Slide Formats (Symposium-Driven)

Below is a list of presentation formats that we can accommodate:

If your presentation uses non-standard fonts, please include those in a separate folder, with your presentation.

Video Content (Symposium-Driven)

File-based video playback formats (HD is always preferred) supported:

Below are other acceptable means of delivery:

All video content will be played back on hard drive based playback systems. We prefer all content be delivered as a file-based format on a USB flash drive or hard disk drive. If you bring file-based content on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, please bring a backup copy as this media can become scratched and unreadable. If any other playback media support is needed please contact us.

Speaker Ready Room

Regardless of whether you use Symposium-Driven slides or use your own laptop, we require all presenters go to the Speaker Ready Room to check in the day before their presentation. Please do this at least 2 hours prior to your talk, and up to 24 hours prior to your talk.

For Symposium-Driven presentations, this check helps with fonts and font size oddities. For presenters using their own laptop, this will help avoid some of the issues and incompatibilities that commonly crop up when using new A/V systems. For everyone, this is an opportunity to practice with the AV remote.

The Speaker Ready Room is in Regency A (on the same floor as the Regency Ballroom). Its hours are below.

Sunday, 7:00pm to 10:00pm (Mon presenter check-in)
Monday, 8:00am to 6:00pm (Tues presenter check-in)
Tuesday, 8:00am to 7:30pm (Wed presenter check-in)
Wednesday, 8:00am to 11:00am

Publishing Slides

The Presenter Consent Form includes a section asking for consent to post your slides in public, i.e., to Presenters who do not consent will not have their slides posted.

After the event, if you indicated that you wanted slides published online, you can send a final, PDF format verison to Otherwise, if slides were provided as Symposium-driven submissions and consent was collected, we will attempt to convert and publish those.

Video Recording

Presentations are video recorded for public release. The Presenter Consent Form includes a section asking for consent to post the video of your talk in public, i.e., to and the IEEE Security and Privacy channel on YouTube. Presenters who do not consent will not have their videos posted. After the event, please send any metadata corrections for published videos to