40th IEEE Symposium on
Security and Privacy

Celebrating 40 Years of S&P

Join us this year to celebrate four decades of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. We have several fun things planned this year. Buttons will be activated and further details provided as we get closer to the events.

40 Years of Excellence

40th Celebration Session

A plenary session on Tuesday will celebrate four decades of S&P, featuring a special panel and ending the day with refreshments and cake!

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Oldest Trojan Horse Depiction

Test of Time Awards

We start a new S&P tradition this year, with the inaugural IEEE Security & Privacy Test of Time awards. On Tuesday, we will present two sets of awards: our first, annual Test of Time awards, and a special set of Test of Time Awards to recognize papers from the first fifteen years of Oakland, which fall outside the window of consideration of our annual award.

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Treasure Map

S&P Treasure Hunt

Throughout the symposium, we will run a treasure hunt with trivia and puzzles. The top 40 on the leaderboard win a prize!

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S&P Magazine

IEEE S&P Magazine Offer

The IEEE Security & Privacy magazine is offering a number of free articles to registrants of the symposium in honor of the conference's 40th anniversary.

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Record-setting Program

Our 40th S&P features a record-setting program of 84 papers. Below, you can explore how the symposium's technical program size and acceptance rate has changed over time. Data is taken from the PC Chair's opening remarks, when available.

S&P Test of Time Award

The IEEE Security and Privacy "Test of Time" award is intended to recognize papers published at IEEE’s flagship security conference that have made a lasting impact on the field. To qualify, a paper must have been published at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (“S&P”) between 10 and 12 years prior. Each year, the awards selection committee is charged to select one or more winners from among the eligible set using their own experience and knowledge.

IEEE Security and Privacy Test of Time Award selection committee

Stefan Savage, Chair University of California, San Diego
David Evans University of Virginia
Ari Juels Cornell Tech
Patrick McDaniel Pennsylvania State University
Rebecca Wright Rutgers University and Barnard College

S&P Test of Time: The First Fifteen Years

In the first years of the Test-of-Time award we also are including “catch-up” awards for the earlier years. This year we are honoring papers from the first fifteen years that have made a lasting impact on the field. In subsequent years, more recent papers will be honored. The selection committee was chosen independently of the regular test of time committee, with particular attention being paid to including people who are familiar with Security and Privacy work during that era.

IEEE Security and Privacy Test of Time Award selection committee: First Fifteen Years Catch-up

Catherine Meadows, Co-Chair US Naval Research Laboratory
Steven B. Lipner, Co-Chair SAFEcode
Terry Benzel USC Information Sciences Institute
Carl E. Landwehr George Washington University
Teresa Lunt Palo Alto Research Center (retired)
John McHugh University of North Carolina
Peter G. Neumann SRI International