45th IEEE Symposium on
Security and Privacy


Poster: Adversarial 3D Virtual Patches using Integrated Gradients  
Chengzeng You (Imperial College London), Zhongyuan Hau (Imperial College London), BinBin Xu (University of Toronto), Soteris Demetriou (Imperial College London)
Poster: Encrypted Network Traffic Analysis 
Madeline Moran (Loyola University Chicago), Joshua Honig (Loyola University Chicago)
Poster: Verification of Network Software using Symbolic Execution  
Robert Esswein (University of Pittsburgh), Juliana Furgala (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Samuel Jero (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
Poster: Security and Privacy Heterogeneous Environment for Reproducible Experimentation (SPHERE)  
Jelena Mirkovic (USC Information Sciences Institute), David Balenson (USC Information Sciences Institute), Brian Kocoloski (USC Information Sciences Institute), David Choffnes (Northeastern University), Daniel Dubois (Northeastern University), Geoff Lawler (USC Information Sciences Institute), Chris Tran (USC Information Sciences Institute), Joseph Barnes (USC Information Sciences Institute), Yuri Pradkin (USC Information Sciences Institute), Terry Benzel (USC Information Sciences Institute), Srivatsan Ravi (USC Information Sciences Institute), Ganesh Sankaran (USC Information Sciences Institute), Alba Regalado (USC Information Sciences Institute), Luis Garcia (University of Utah)
Poster: Advanced Ultrasonic Jamming Technology for Privacy Protection: Dynamic Inter-modulation Modulation (DIM)  
Hetian Shi (Tsinghua University), Shangru Song (Tsinghua University), Jianwei Zhuge (Tsinghua University), Xin Liu (Lanzhou University)
Poster: Securing the Virtual Mirror: Blockchain Technology for Digital Twins Security  
Rahanatu Suleiman (Towson University), Akshita Maradapu Vera Venkata Sai (Towson University)
Designing Differentially-Private Algorithms for Mobile User Trajectories  
Vasanta Chaganti (Swarthmore College), Xinxin Li (Swarthmore College), Ziming Yuan (Swarthmore College), Viktoriia Zakharova (Swarthmore College), Mehtap Yercel (Swarthmore College)
Poster: “Belt and suspenders” or “just red tape”?: Investigating Early Artifacts and User Perception of IoT App Security Certification  
Prianka Mandal (William & Mary), Amit Seal Ami (William & Mary), Victor Olaiya (William & Mary), Sayyed Hadi Razmjo (William & Mary), Adwait Nadkarni (William & Mary)
Poster: Rayls: A novel design for CBDCs  
Mario Yaksetig (Parfin), Mahdi Nejadgholi (Parfin), Stephen Yang (Parfin), Nicholas Zanutim (Parfin)
Poster: Etrigan: Large Scale Adversarial Analysis of Elusive Bots  
Hari Venugopalan (University of California, Davis), Shaoor Munir (University of California, Davis), Samuel T. King (University of California, Davis), Zubair Shafiq (University of California, Davis)
Poster: Enhancing Symbolic Execution with LLMs for Vulnerability Detection  
Muhammad Nabel Zaharudin (University of Texas at Arlington), Muhammad Haziq Zuhaimi (University of Texas at Arlington), Faysal Hossain Shezan (University of Texas at Arlington)
Poster: Identifying Copyright Code in Training Corpus of Large Language Model  
Lamia Hasan Rodoshi (The University of Texas at Arlington), Faiza Tafannum (The University of Texas at Arlington), Faysal Hossain Shezan (The University of Texas at Arlington)
Poster: GlucOS: A secure, safe and extensible system for automated insulin delivery  
Hari Venugopalan (UC Davis), Shreyas Madhav Ambattur Vijayanand (UC Davis), Samuel T. King (UC Davis)
Poster: Use of LLM-based Generative AI Chatbots for Smishing Attacks and Defenses  
Ashfak Md Shibli (Department of Computer Science, Tennessee Technological University), Mir Mehedi Ahsan Pritom (Department of Computer Science, Tennessee Technological University)
Poster: SyzTrust: State-aware Fuzzing on Trusted OS Designed for IoT Devices  
Qinying Wang (Zhejiang University & EPFL), Boyu Chang (Zhejiang University), Shouling Ji (Zhejiang University), Yuan Tian (University of California, Los Angelos), Xuhong Zhang (Zhejiang University), Binbin Zhao (Georgia Institute of Technology), Gaoning Pan (Zhejiang University), Chenyang Lyu (Zhejiang University), Mathias Payer (EPFL), Wenhai Wang (Zhejiang University), Raheem Beyah (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Poster: Recover from Excessive Faults in Partially-Synchronous BFT SMR  
Tiantian Gong (Purdue University), Kartik Nayak (Duke University), Gustavo Franco Camilo (Purdue University), Andrew Lewis-Pye (London School of Economics), Aniket Kate (Purdue University)
Poster: CookieGuard: Isolating First Party Cookies using CookieGuard  
Pouneh Nikkhah bahrami (University of California, Davis), Zubair Shafiq (University of California, Davis), Aurore Fass (CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security)
Poster: A Glimpse of Vulnerability Disclosure Behaviors and Practices Using GitHub Projects  
Jessy Ayala (University of California, Irvine), Yu-Jye Tung (University of California, Irvine), Joshua Garcia (University of California, Irvine)
Poster: SecGPT: An Execution Isolation Architecture for LLM-Based Systems  
Yuhao Wu (Washington University in St. Louis), Franziska Roesner (University of Washington), Tadayoshi Kohno (University of Washington), Ning Zhang (Washington University in St. Louis), Umar Iqbal (Washington University in St. Louis)
Poster: Pathfinder: High-Resolution Control-Flow Attacks Exploiting the Conditional Branch Predictor  
Hosein Yavarzadeh (University of California San Diego), Archit Agarwal (University of California San Diego), Max Christman (UNC Chapel Hill), Christina Garman (Purdue University), Daniel Genkin (Georgia Tech), Andrew Kwong (UNC Chapel Hill), Daniel Moghimi (Google), Deian Stefan (University of California San Diego), Kazem Taram (Purdue University), Dean Tullsen (University of California San Diego)
Poster: Static Malware Detection  
Khanh Huu The Dam (LIPN, CNRS), Tayssir Touili (IRIF, CNRS)
Poster: Moderating Illicit Online Image Promotion for Unsafe User-Generated Content Games Using Large Vision-Language Models  
Keyan Guo (University at Buffalo), Nishant Vishwamitra (The University of Texas at San Antonio), Guo Freeman (Clemson University), Hongxin Hu (University at Buffalo)
Poster: Optimizing Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Verifiable Decision Trees  
Hanwei Zhu (Australian National University), Sid Chi-Kin Chau (CSIRO's Data61)
Poster: Machine Learning Property Attestations using TEEs  
Vasisht Duddu (University of Waterloo), Oskari Jarvinen (Aalto University), Lachlan J. Gunn (Aalto University), N. Asokan (University of Waterloo, Aalto University)
Poster: Evaluation of explanation methods in security applications  
Dipkamal Bhusal (Rochester Institute of Technology), Md Tanvirul Alam (Rochester Institute of Technology), Monish K. Veerabhadran (Rochester Institute of Technology), Michael Clifford (Toyota Motor North America), Sara Rampazzi (University of Florida), Nidhi Rastogi (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Poster: Multi-Client and Quantum-Resilient Searchable Symmetric Encryption  
Debadrita Talapatra (IIT Kharagpur, India), Arnab Bag (IIT Kharagpur, India), Sikhar Patranabis (IBM Research India), Debdeep Mukhopadhyay (IIT Kharagpur, India)
Unleash the Power: Non-Invasive On-Chip Malware Detection in Heterogeneous IoT Systems by Leveraging Side-Channels  
Fatemeh Arkannezhad (UCLA), Pooya Aghanoury (UCLA), Justin Feng (UCLA), Hossein Khalili (UCLA), Nader Sehatbakhsh (UCLA)