43rd IEEE Symposium on
Security and Privacy

Posters of accepted papers from SP20/21

Poster 1: Are anonymity-seekers just like everybody else? An analysis of contributions to Wikipedia from Tor  (IEEE S&P 2020)
Chau Tran, Kaylea Champion, Andrea Forte, Benjamin Mako Hill, Rachel Greenstadt

Poster 3: Automatically detecting bystanders in photos to reduce privacy risks  (IEEE S&P 2020)
Rakibul Hasan, David Crandall, Mario Fritz, Apu Kapadia

Poster 5: Compositional Security for Reentrant Applications (IEEE S&P 2021)
Ethan Cecchetti, Siqiu Yao, Haobin Ni, Andrew C. Myers

Poster 7: Condysta: Context-aware Dynamic Supplement to Static Taint Analysis (IEEE S&P 2021)
Xueling Zhang,Xiaoyin Wang,Rocky Slavin,Jianwei Niu

Poster 11: DICE: Automatic Emulation of DMA Input Channels for Dynamic Firmware Analysis (IEEE S&P 2021)
Alejandro Mera, Bo Feng, Long Lu, Engin Kirda

Poster 9: Data Privacy in Trigger-Action Systems (IEEE S&P 2021)
Yunang Chen, Amrita Roy Chowdhury, Ruizhe Wang, Andrei Sabelfeld, Rahul Chatterjee, Earlence Fernandes

Poster 13: Ebb-and-Flow Protocols: A Resolution of the Availability-Finality Dilemma (IEEE S&P 2021)
Joachim Neu, Ertem Nusret Tas, David Tse

Poster 15: Fingerprinting the Fingerprinters: Learning to Detect Browser Fingerprinting Behaviors (IEEE S&P 2021)
Umar Iqbal, Steven Englehardt, Zubair Shafiq

Poster 17: High-Frequency Trading on Decentralized On-Chain Exchanges (IEEE S&P 2021)
Liyi Zhou (Imperial College London), Kaihua Qin (Imperial College London), Christof Ferreira Torres (University of Luxembourg), Duc V Le (Purdue University), Arthur Gervais (Imperial College London)

Poster 19: Invisible for both Camera and LiDAR: Security of Multi-Sensor Fusion based Perception in Autonomous Driving Under Physical-World Attacks (IEEE S&P 2021)
Yulong Cao*, Ningfei Wang*, Chaowei Xiao*, Dawei Yang*, Jin Fang, Ruigang Yang, Qi Alfred Chen, Mingyan Liu, Bo Li, (* Co-first authors)

Poster 21: Is Private Learning Possible with Instance Encoding? (IEEE S&P 2021)
Nicholas Carlini, Samuel Deng, Sanjam Garg, Somesh Jha, Saeed Mahloujifar, Mohammad Mahmoody, Abhradeep Thakurta, Florian Tramèr

Poster 25: LVI: Hijacking Transient Execution through Microarchitectural Load Value Injection  (IEEE S&P 2020)
Jo Van Bulck, Daniel Moghimi, Michael Schwarz, Moritz Lipp, Marina Minkin, Daniel Genkin, Yuval Yarom, Berk Sunar, Daniel Gruss, Frank Piessens

Poster 23: Linking Bluetooth LE & Classic and Implications for Privacy-Preserving Bluetooth-Based Protocols (IEEE S&P 2021)
Norbert Ludant, Tien D. Vo-Huu, Sashank Narain, Guevara Noubir

Poster 27: Merkle^2: A Low-Latency Transparency Log System (IEEE S&P 2021)
Yuncong Hu, Kian Hooshmand, Harika Kalidhindi, Seung Jin Yang, Raluca Ada Popa

Poster 29: On the Just-In-Time Discovery of Profit-Generating Transactions in DeFi Protocols (IEEE S&P 2021)
Liyi Zhou (Imperial College London), Kaihua Qin (Imperial College London), Antoine Cully (Imperial College London), Benjamin Livshits (Imperial College London), Arthur Gervais (Imperial College London)

Poster 31: Proof-of-Learning: Definitions and Practice (IEEE S&P 2021)
Hengrui Jia, Mohammad Yaghini, Christopher A. Choquette-Choo, Natalie Dullerud, Anvith Thudi, Varun Chandrasekaran, Nicolas Papernot

Poster 33: Reading Between the Lines: An Extensive Evaluation of the Security and Privacy Implications of EPUB Reading Systems (IEEE S&P 2021)
Gertjan Franken, Tom Van Goethem, Wouter Joosen

Poster 37: SoK: Fully Homomorphic Encryption Compilers (IEEE S&P 2021)
Alexander Viand, Patrick Jattke, Anwar Hithnawi

Poster 39: Specification-Based Process Control Attack Detection in Substation Automation (IEEE S&P 2021)
Muhammad Nouman Nafees, Neetesh Saxena, Pete Burnap

Poster 41: StochFuzz: Sound and Cost-effective Fuzzing of Stripped Binaries by Incremental and Stochastic Rewriting (IEEE S&P 2021)
Zhuo Zhang, Wei You, Guanhong Tao, Yousra Aafer, Xuwei Liu, Xiangyu Zhang

Poster 43: Systematic Analysis of Randomization-based Protected Cache Architectures (IEEE S&P 2021)
Antoon Purnal, Lukas Giner, Daniel Gruss, Ingrid Verbauwhede

Poster 45: They Would do Better if They Worked Together: The Case of Interaction Problems Between Password Managers and Websites (IEEE S&P 2021)
Nicolas Huaman, Sabrina Amft, Marten Oltrogge, Yasemin Acar, Sascha Fahl

Poster 47: This PIN Can Be Easily Guessed: Analyzing the Security of Smartphone Unlock PINs  (IEEE S&P 2020)
Philipp Markert, Daniel V. Bailey, Maximilian Golla, Markus Dürmuth, Adam J. Aviv