Schedule of Events for the GREPSEC IV Workshop, May 18-19, 2019

All events are at the The Marines' Memorial Club
San Francisco, Californa, USA
All events are on the 11th Floor

Saturday, May 18, 2019
 7:30Breakfast, Marines' Memorial Club, Crystal Lounge 11th Floor
 8:30 Introduction
 8:45 Keynote: Kristin Lauter, Microsoft Research "Private AI: Machine Learning on Encrypted Data", abstract
 9:45Farinaz Koushanfar, UCSD "Safe, secure, and private intelligence: From the edge to the fog and cloud"
10:30 Raquel Hill, University of Indiana "Hijacking Network Traffic: Early Detection of Internet Routing Anomalies"
11:45Student one-minute introductions
 1:00Keynote: Paul van Oorschot, Carleton "What is this thing called Security? The Puzzle Pieces of a Complex Subject"
 2:00Cynthia Sturton, University of North Carolina"Hardware is the New Software: Finding Exploitable Bugs in Hardware Designs", abstract
 2:45 Coffee
Paul van Oorschot, Carleton,
Sadia Afroz ICSI
How to pick a research problem
 4:00Interactive team project
 5:30 - 7:00Reception, Marines' Memorial Club, Ames Library, 11th Floor
Sunday May 19, 2019
 7:30Breakfast, Marines' Memorial Club, Crystal Lounge 11th Floor
 8:30Keynote: Donna Dodson, NIST"Crypto, Crypto, Everywhere", abstract
 9:30Zach Tudor, Idaho National Laboratory"Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Research at Idaho National Labs"
10:45 Adrienne Porter Felt, Google"Challenges in Using URLs as Security Indicators"
11:30Interactive team project
 1:30 Michelle Mazurek, University of Maryland"Usable Security Beyond End Users"
 2:15Allison Bishop, more"Developing cybersecurity curriculum for the general public"
 3:00Wrap up