General Chairs

Joseph Calandrino (Co-Chair) Federal Trade Commission
Franziska Roesner (Co-Chair) University of Washington
Christo Wilson (Co-Chair) Northeastern University

Program Committee Chairs

Elissa Redmiles Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Zubair Shafiq University of California, Davis

Program Committee Members

Gunes Acar Radboud University
Aaron Alva Federal Trade Commission
Oshrat Ayalon Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Lerone Banks Federal Trade Commission
Lindsey Barrett Department of Commerce
Rainer Böhme University of Innsbruck
Tamara Bonaci Northeastern University / University of Washington
Jasmine Bowers MITRE
Marshini Chetty University of Chicago
Cristobal Cheyre Cornell University
Dave Choffnes Northeastern University
Shaanan Cohney University of Melbourne
Laura Edelson New York University
Serge Egelman International Computer Science Institute / University of California, Berkeley
Steven Englehardt DuckDuckGo
Leah Fischman Consumer Reports
Aurélien Francillon EURECOM
Alisa Frik International Computer Science Institute / University of California, Berkeley
Kelsey Fulton University of Maryland
Oana Goga CNRS
Danny Yuxing Huang New York University
Chris Kanich University of Illinois at Chicago
Gabriel Kaptchuk Boston University
Aleksandra Korolova University of Southern California
Mihir Kshirsagar Princeton University
Eli Lucherini Princeton University
Arunesh Mathur Competition and Markets Authority
Michelle Mazurek University of Maryland
Allison McDonald University of Michigan
Ben Moskowitz Consumer Reports
Adam Oest PayPal
Brad Reaves NC State
Phoebe Rouge Federal Trade Commission
Merve Sahin SAP Security Research
Vincent Toubiana French Digital Council (CNNum)
Rebecca Tushnet Harvard Law
Daniel Votipka Tufts University

HotCRP Chair

Alan Mislove Northeastern University

You can contact the workshop co-chairs at: