April 24-26, 2018 in London, United Kingdom

3rd IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy


Organizing Committee

Program Chairs Frank Piessens KU Leuven
Matthew Smith University of Bonn
General Chairs George Danezis University College London
Emiliano De Cristofaro University College London
Workshop Chairs Sascha Fahl Leibniz University Hannover
Charles Weir Lancaster University
Publication Chair Ben Stock Saarland University
Publicity Chair Ruba Abu-Salma University College London
Social Media Chair Nadim Kobeissi Inria Paris
Web Chair Guillermo Suarez-Tangil University College London

Local Volunteers

We are also tremendously grateful to a number of volunteers from UCL who have helped throughout various stages of the conference: Alexander Hicks, Alexandros Mittos, Ania Piotrowska, Apostolos Pyrgelis, Bristena Oprisanu, Enrico Mariconti, Haroon Yousaf, Ingolf Becker, Marios Isaakidis, Raphael Toledo, and Vincent Primault. Thank you!