March 21-24, 2016 at the Congress Center Saar, Saarbrücken, GERMANY

1st IEEE European
Symposium on Security
and Privacy



Reaching Saarbrücken by plane

Saarbrücken can be reached by plane via the international airports in Frankfurt (FRA), and Luxembourg (LUX) as well as via Saarbrücken (SCN).

Frankfurt (FRA)

For the majority of visitors, the most convenient destination is Frankfurt Airport, since international flights to Frankfurt are available from almost everywhere.

From Frankfurt Airport you need to take the train (ICE or RE) to Saarbrücken (0-1 train changes, ca. 2:45 hours).

Luxembourg (LUX)

Another option, depending on the available flights, might be Luxembourg Airport.

From Luxemburg Airport you need to take either a rental car to Saarbrücken (ca. 1:15 hours), the bus (1 change at Luxembourg Gare, about 1:45 hours) or a connecting flight to Saarbrücken (SCN).

Saarbrücken (SCN)

There are only a very limited number of direct flights to Saarbrücken Airport available. The current list of airports that offer flights to Saarbrücken can be found on the airport's webpage.

From Saarbrücken (SCN) Airport you can either take the bus (Bus R10, 30 minutes) or a cab (15 minutes) to Saarbrücken city center.

Reaching Saarbrücken by train

Saarbrücken can be reached using the high speed trains of Deutsche Bahn from Paris in France and from Mannheim and Frankfurt Main Station in Germany.

Reaching Saarbrücken by car

Saarbrücken can be reached using the Autobahn A6, A620, and A1.