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IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Security and Privacy


Call-for-Paper Submission Guideline

Last Modified:4/18/05

The Cipher calendar and CFP list are primarily for researchers in the field of computer and network security to present original work. Other conferences may be included at the discretion of the editor.

To have a conference considered for inclusion in the Cipher calendar and Calls-for-Papers, please submit a text version of the CFP to Your email message should contain the name of the conference/workshop, the exact date it is being held and submission deadline including the year, place, a concise text version of the call-for-papers, and a URL for conference/workshop website.

A URL, instead of ASCII text, is acceptable if the page has all the essential information available as ASCII text that can be "selected" using a window system interface. If the date or place or other information is in an embedded graphic, it may delay processing of the CFP indefinitely. A third option, for HTML experts, is to submit HTML for a calendar and CFP entry in the exact HTML format used in compiled listings; use "view source" in a browser to see the format of calendar and CFP pages. Use this option only if you have extensive experience editing HTML source files.

Note:Please submit your call for papers as early as possible to permit timely inclusion into the list.

In case that you have difficulty in submitting your CFP, please contact Sven Dietrich or Yong Guan at:

Dr. Sven Dietrich, Stevens Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Phone: +1-201-216-8078.

Dr. Yong Guan, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011. Phone: (515) 294-8378.

The following is an example of Call-for-papers:

RAID 2005 Eighth International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection, Seattle, Washington, USA, September 7-9, 2005. (Submissions due 31 March 2005) [posted here 12/13/04] This symposium, the eighth in an annual series, brings together leading researchers and practitioners from academia, government, and industry to discuss intrusion detection technologies and issues from the research and commercial perspectives. The RAID International Symposium series is intended to further advances in intrusion defense by promoting the exchange of ideas in a broad range of topics.

For RAID 2005 we are expanding our historical scope from a focus on intrusion detection to the broader field of intrusion defense. Of particular interest are intrusion tolerant systems and systems for which detection triggers an adaptive response. As in 2004, we welcome papers that address issues related to intrusion defense, including information gathering and monitoring, as a part of a larger, not necessarily purely technical, perspective. We also invite papers on the following topics, as they bear on intrusion detection and the general problem of information security:
- Risk assessment and risk management
- Intrusion tolerance
- Deception systems and honeypots
- Vulnerability Analysis and Management
- IDS Assessment
- IDS Survivability
- Privacy aspects
- Data mining techniques
- Visualization techniques
- Cognitive approaches
- Biological approaches
- Self-learning
- Case studies
- Legal issues
- Critical infrastructure protection (CIP)

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