The GREPSEC V Workshop
August 5-6, 2021

A Virtual Event

An NSF and industry supported workshop for women and members of underrepresented groups interested in computer security research. 


This is an NSF supported workshop for early-stage graduate students, specifically women and members of underrepresented groups in this field. The workshop is designed for those who are interested in computer security but who have not yet chosen a definite research area.

One of the great conundrums of computer science is how to establish the security and trustworthiness of computers, the data they hold, and their communications. The field has attracted brilliant innovations, but the constantly changing technology landscape undermines solutions. There are new opportunities for great thinkers to tackle new problems. The first GREPSEC workshop was in 2013, the second in 2015, the third in 2017, and the fourth in 2019. This fifth workshop, like the others, is dedicated to attracting beginning researchers and showing them the wide spectrum of areas that need attention.

Computer security is a discipline that began with the need to control shared resources on expensive computing engines and has grown into a field encompassing nearly all computing devices, from heart implants to cell phones to cloud computing. During the workshop leading minds in this field will address graduate students, showing them the range of knowledge and open problems that fall under the umbrella of security and privacy.

The relaxed (albeit virtual, online) nature of the workshop will give students time to talk informally with speakers about research opportunities and career paths. Speakers will be invited based on their accomplishments in research and their ability to mentor students from diverse backgrounds.

Space is limited and an application is required of all potential attendees. Applications will be accepted in January 2021. Details will appear here.

GREPSEC is made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation.