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   Proceedings of the IEEE CS Symposium on Security and Privacy   


The Technical Committee on Security and Privacy has copies of its publications available for sale directly to you. You may pay for Proceedings by check.

Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
Year(s) Format Price
1980-2011 DVD (CSF and SP)$15.00*
2010Hardcopy (20 left)$20.00*
1980-2010 DVD (with CSF through 2009) (8 left)$10.00*
2009 $20.00*
1980-2009 DVD (with CSF)$5.00*
1980-2008 CD $5.00*
1980-2007 CD $5.00*
2006 Hardcopy and CD SOLD OUT
2005 (7 left) Hardcopy $10.00*
2004 (6 left) Hardcopy $10.00*
2003 Hardcopy $10.00*
2001-2002 Hardcopy SOLD OUT
2000-2001 CD $3.00*
* Plus shipping charges

Payment by Check

Please specify the items and quantities that you wish to receive, your shipping address, and the method of shipping (for overseas orders). Send this information by email to Robin Sommer, and mail your order request and a check, payable to the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy to:

      Robin Sommer
      Treasurer, IEEE Symposium Security and Privacy 2011
      International Computer Science Institute
      Center for Internet Research
      1947 Center St., Suite 600
      Berkeley, CA 94704

Please include the appropriate amount to cover shipping charges as noted in the table below.

Shipping Charges for Mail Orders
Domestic shipping $6.00 per volume
  $3.00 for each CD (no charge if included with a hard copy order)
Overseas mail (contact Robin Sommer)


You may order some back issues from IEEE CS Press at

Proceedings of the IEEE CS Computer Security Foundations Symposium

The most recent Computer Security Foundation Workshop (CSFW23) took place in July 2010. Topics included formal specification of security protocols, protocol engineering, distributed systems, information flow, and security policies.

Copies of the proceedings through 2009 are available for $10 each. Copies of earlier proceedings starting with year 10 (1997) are available at $10. Photocopy versions of year 1 are also $10.

Contact Jonathan Herzog ( jherzog @ )if interested in purchase.