Mobile Security Technologies (MoST) 2016

co-located with
The 34th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S&P 2016)
an event of
The IEEE Computer Society's Security and Privacy Workshops (SPW 2016)

The Fairmont Hotel
San Jose, CA, USA
Thursday May 26, 2016

Keynote: Learning from Ourselves: Where are we and where can we go in mobile systems security?


It has been nearly a decade since the community launched an effort in security research in “smart” mobile systems.  Yet, for all of that time and effort we have few accepted truths about the best practices or even the state of security in these systems.  In this talk, I explore epochs of security research in smart mobile systems and highlight lessons learned and lessons that should have been learned but were not—all in light of the economics and market pressures of mobile systems.  I conclude with a discussion of the opportunities and limitations or markets and providers to provide future security.


Patrick McDaniel is a Distinguished Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at The Pennsylvania State University, co-director of the Systems and Internet Infrastructure Security Laboratory, and Fellow of IEEE and ACM. Dr. McDaniel is also the program manager and lead scientist for the Army Research Laboratory's Cyber-Security Collaborative Research Alliance. Patrick’s research centrally focuses on a wide range of topics in security and technical public policy. Prior to pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan, Patrick was a software architect and project manager in the telecommunications industry.