MAY 18-20, 2020

41st IEEE Symposium on
Security and Privacy

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#Psybersecurity: The Mental Health Attack Surface Room 2
Ryan K. Louie (Vituity)

Coronavirus Contact Tracing App Privacy: What Data Is Shared By The Singapore OpenTrace App? Room 2
Doug Leith (Trinity College Dublin)

Cyber Threat Information Portal for the PSGE Room 3
John Piesing (Bournemouth University)

Expected Constant Round Byzantine Broadcast under Dishonest Majority Room 1
Jun Wan (MIT)

Financial Synthetic Data is the New Oil for FinCrime Analytics Room 1
Edgar Alonso Lopez-Rojas (EALAX LTD)

Hardware-assisted Black-box Adversarial Attack Evaluation Framework on Binarized Neural Network Room 3
Navid Khoshavi (Florida Polytechnic University)

Influencing Photo-sharing Behaviors on Social Media to Reduce Privacy Risks Room 3
Rakibul Hasan (Indiana University, Bloomington)

Legal Concepts in Privacy and Security for Innovative Emerging Technologies (Smart Robots, Advanced Ambient Experiences and Our AI Digital Self) Room 2
Raj Sachdev (nan)

MP-SPDZ: A Versatile Framework for Multi-Party Computation Room 1
Marcel Keller (CSIRO's Data61)

David Balenson (SRI International)

Privacy Preserving Model for Contact Tracing Logs Room 2
Nisha Panwar (Augusta University)

Privado : Privacy-Preserving Group-based Advertising using Multiple Independent Social Network Providers Room 1
Sanaz Taheri Boshrooyeh  (Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey )

Security versus Privacy in the Age of COVID-19 Room 2
Yvo Desmedt (University of Texas at Dallas and University College London)

The Marriage of Fully Homomorphic Encryption and Blockchain Room 1
Ravital Solomon (NuCypher, USA)

Translating Code to Privacy Statements Room 3
Vijayanta Jain (University of Maine)