Computer System Security Award of the National Institute of Standards and Technology

The award is granted for outstanding contributions towards the advancement of computer security technology. To warrant the award, a nominee must meet at least one, and preferably several, of the following criteria:

Year  Recipient(s)
1988  Steve Walker
1989  Willis Ware
1990  James Anderson
1991  Roger Schell
1992  Walter Tuchman
1993  Robert Courtney
1994  Donn Parker
1995  Dennis Branstead
1996  Whit Diffie, Martin Hellman, & Ron Rivest
1997  David Clark
1998  Butler Lampson
1999  Dorothy Denning
2000  Eugene H. Spafford
2002  Peter Neumann
2006  Virgil Gligor
2007  Steven M. Bellovin
2008  Michael D. Schroeder
2009  (none)
2010  Jerry Saltzer