Technical Committee on Security and Privacy Annual Meeting Minutes
(Unofficial Version)
21 May 2007

Jon Millen called the meeting to order at 5:45pm.

Symposium Reports

The registration chair, Yong Guan, presented the registration information for the last several years:

Registrations by Category and Year
  2007    2006    2005   2004    2003
IEEE members 88 67 47 64 42
Non-members 53 45 35 40 34
Students 53 57 55 44 37
IEEE members 22 28 21 19 34
Non-members 12 27 19 14 27
Students 20 28 19 20 21
Totals 248 252 196 201 195
IEEE members 21
Non-members 14
IEEE members 2
Non-members 3
Total 40

Guan noted that in 2007 a lot more people registered on/before April 23 (early registration deadline): 194, 77% 169 (2006) 137 (2005)

Another notable fact is that we have 80-140 new attendees each year compared to that in previous years (2003-2007).

Terry Benzel reported on the finances of the Security and Privacy Symposium. Donations from Microsoft Research and the National Science Foundation helped fund several student travel grants. The surplus was less than in recent years due to several factors, including a larger number of registrants with IEEE membership and a larger number of early registrants taking advantage of the lower fees.

Election of next TC Vice Chair (Jon Millen; TC nomination is Hilarie Orman)

Hilarie Orman was nominated by the TC and elected by what appeared to be a unanimous vote.

Computer Society Issues (Cynthia Irivine)

Policy on duplicate submissions. (Patrick McDonald)

P. McDaniel noted that the number of duplicate submissions (viz., simultaneous submission of the same paper to different conferences with overlapping review periods) appears to be on the rise and is a both a burden to review committees and threat to fairness. The current policy is to reject duplicate submissions if they are detected, and the way this is usually detected is by the happenstance of an alert reviewer who also serves as a reviewer for another conference. It was suggested that statistics were needed before the TC could develop a new policy on eliminating duplicate submissions.

The 2009-2011 Claremont contract. (Deborah Shands)

D. Shands has been negotiating with the Claremont to develop a contract for the 2009-2011 conferences. The Claremont has given us a sequence of proposals, the last of which appears to be in the ballpark of what we want.

We have considered moving the conference to other locations. At the 2006 business meeting, we invited attendees with an interest in other locations to acquire a proposal from another hotel before the business meeting in 2007. We have received no proposals.

D. Shands enlisted the help of the IEEE Computer Society's contracting group to pursue the contract negotiations. Note that this is one of the services that IEEE Computer Society provides to conference organizers.

Student travel grants. (Patrick McDonald)

Several student travel grants were funded thanks to the generosity of several sponsors, including the National Science Foundation, Microsoft Research, and the Technical Committee. These were a big success and the TC hopes to have at least this number for the 2008 meeting.

Options for new committee for S&P positions:

And a plea for volunteers. Contact the 2008 General Chair (Yong Guan)

Next year's S&P organizing committee Technical Committee positions: Cipher editor, webmaster: Currently both positions are held by Hilarie Orman; replacements will be considered, apply to the Technical Committee through Jon Millen.