Highlights of the annual meeting of the TCSP

May 23, 2006
Report by Jon Millen, TCSP Chair

The Technical Committee on Security and Privacy meets at the symposium. All conference attendees are encouraged to attend, to get the benefit of the more wide-ranging discussions, rather than just the brief notes given here.

This year's statistics from the conference organizers showed positive trends. The 2006 Symposium had 252 registered attendees, significantly more than last year's 192. There were 251 paper submissions, with authors from 48 institutions. The new "short paper" category was viewed as a successful method for increasing the number of papers presented, a goal from last year. This year there was also an associated workshop at Berkeley on Web services security.

The symposium organizers for 2007 are the following: Deborah Shands, general chair; Paul Karger, registration chair; Birgit Pfitzmann and Avi Rubin (the latter was not confirmed during the meeting, but accepted later), program chairs; Terry Benzel, symposium treasurer.

The TC will review the current list of subcommittee chairs. In particular, the need for a standards chair and a security conferences chair was questioned; and a new academic affairs chair is being sought. Hilarie Orman has volunteered to be the new TC treasurer. Voting for a new TC Vice Chair will occur next year, as Cynthia Irvine becomes TC Chair in 2008.