Cipher Issue 140, September 18, 2017, Editor's Letter

Dear Readers,

It is interesting to me that although the Internet is large and complex, it does not have emergent behaviors similar to category 5 hurricanes. Perhaps another couple of orders of magnitude of growth will bring in enough differential energies to start driving data bits through concrete walls. Sometimes, though, it seems to me that even now that "data levels" are rising and we are at risk of drowning in the rising tide of information.

The second Secure Development Conference, SecDev, will be held next week in Cambridge Massachusetts. This is a TCSP sponsored event for secure system engineering. It focuses on the tools and big, practical ideas for producing secure systems.

Don't forget that the schedule for submitting research papers for the Security and Privacy Symposium is now a nearly year-round process with a deadline at the first of each month. Papers submitted by October 1 will have the full revision period available for inclusion in the 2018 proceedings. Papers submitted by November 1 will have a one month revision period or will be candidates for 2019.

The IEEE Computer Society election is upon us. Voting ends in a few days, so if you are a member, go to and read the election information, and vote.

The name is Equifax,
They'll leak your data fast,
According to this here in the Daily Hacks
(with apologies to Frank Loesser)

      Hilarie Orman