Cipher Issue 137, March 20, 2017, Editor's Letter

Dear Readers,

The website has moved to a new hosting company, and with that move, it finally has secured SSL support. Enjoy the https prefix, with it you can rest assured that you are safe from *fake* conference news. That's very important because the Euro S&P conference is next month, and the S&P Symposium is in May. If you have not already registered, do so now, safely and securely.

Two items in our news list are worthy of special mention. The first is that the Security and Privacy magazine is taking applications for a new Editor in Chief. The second is the note of Becky Bace's passing. She was an early leader in instrusion detection research, and an enthusiastic supporter of the field of cybersecurity. Her precocious intelligence and opinionated views led her exasperated father to call her "infidel", and she delightedly embraced the term, naming her consulting business Infidel, Inc.

If you have noticed a dearth of women in the field of computer security, you are not alone. It is one of the most gender-skewed disciplines in the field. At a recent meeting of the Technical Activities Committee of the Computer Society, I urged all TC chairs to try to be aware of the participation by minorities, quoting an ACM conference chair who said, "If we cannot solve the problem for 50% of the population, then we cannot solve it at all." It remains to be seen if the TCSP, or any part of the Computer Society, will consider steps towards increased diversity.

To cyberarms, that come before the melt of ICE, and make the winds of March throw secrets far afield ,

      Hilarie Orman