Cipher Issue 136, January 24, 2017, Editor's Letter

Dear Readers,

The program for the TCSP's flagship conference, Security and Privacy, will be released in the coming weeks, and registration for the symposium will open at about the same time. Watch for announcements at the website.

It will be a great spring season for TCSP events. The European S&P Symposium will be held in Paris in late April, and the early registration deadline for that event is March 1.

The security, privacy, and integrity of information on the Internet has been thrust into the forefront by last year's US election. The reverberations from that do not seem likely to abate for some time to come. Cybersecurity, long the bane of the fast-paced tech industry, may come to be seen as the missing piece of protection for our human institutions.

Hacki, abstuli, revelavi (with apologies to Julius Caesar and any Latin scholar)

      Hilarie Orman