Cipher Issue 103, July 19, 2011, Editor's Letter

It seems that everyone in the UK should be adding "Hi Rupert" to all their voicemail messages. As we move towards convergence of data, computing, and communication, the means for corruption and crime simply keep pace. Sufficient unto the day.

This summer's Cipher issue has a Richard Austin review of a book on digital forensics, showing that crime is ever more a part of our digital lives.

Now is a frenetic time for the organizing team for the Security and Privacy Symposium for next year. It will be bigger and better than ever, but it will not be at the Claremont Hotel. Stay tuned, and read the status update in this issue.

Somewhat obscured by the phone hacking scandal, the announcement of a US Department of Defense cyberstrategy was accompanied by statements about a more "proactive" offensive posture by the US military in cyberspace. A comment in the report caught my eye --- it said that the inventors of the Internet could not have imagined its current importance to the US military. If my memory serves me, it was the military that had difficulties with imagination in that area.

I hope that the Cipher conference notices help you plan your fall and winter publication strategies, and that you find conferences suited to your interests and professional needs.

  Summertime, and the hacking is easy,
  Phish are jumping, and the clickthroughs are high,
      Hilarie Orman