Dear Readers,

The 28th IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium was held May 20-23, and it was a great celebration of past and current research. Peter Neuman was the keynote speaker (his presentation), and he anchored the conference in its early roots, following through to the present. All participants got a CD with all the papers from the entire history of the conference, making it possible for them to form their own impressions of the history of the field. Please note that the CD is for sale as described in this issue.

The food and drink at the Symposium were excellent, making the social events particularly enjoyable. There is a report from the business meeting in this issue.

Richard Austin, recently retired, has contributed a book review for this issue, delineating the virtues of "Complete Guide to Security and Privacy Metrics" by D. Herrmann.

The pressures of the Symposium contributed to the lateness of Cipher this month. By July we should have additional information about the program, some issues raised during the business meeting, and any noteworthy events affecting security and privacy in our electronic world. For the time being, enjoy the controversy surrounding Google's maps and photos --- when do accessibility and transparency become surveillance?

Hilarie Orman
Cipher Editor