Cipher Issue 71, March 2006, Editor's Letter

This issue of Cipher has the list of papers accepted for the venerable IEEE Computer Society Symposium on Security and Privacy, often known as "Oakland". This year's program features several short papers and a full program of regular length papers. Attendees will receive a CD with several years of past proceedings and the usual ambiance of the Claremont Resort. I am seeking a volunteer reporter become famous by writing a Cipher article about the Symposium --- arms will be twisted.

Bob Bruen has contributed two book reviews, Yong Guan has continued his great work in keeping the Calls-for-Papers pages up-to-date, and there are several news articles.

I found myself completely bemused by the End User License Agreement for a well-known software product that protects communication using cryptography. It has an audit clause requiring the user to open up his computers to on-site inspection twice a year. Yes, your communication may be safe from the eyes of governments, but the vendor gets free access to your home. This is a definition of privacy with which I am not familiar.

Still searching for security and privacy,
    Hilarie Orman
    Cipher Editor