Dear Readers:

We are pleased to bring you another  issue of Cipher!   In it you will find three book reviews by Robert Bruen,  additions to Anish Mathuria's Reader's Guide, links to new calls for papers, and the preliminary program for S&P 2002.

I'd like to offer a correction for the January 2002 Cipher.  We inadvertently omitted Gary McGraw as a co-author of a text we reviewed.  The corrected citation is:
                John Viega and Gary McGraw. Building Secure Software. How to Avoid
                Security Problems the Right Way
. Addison-Wesley 2002.
My apologies Gary!

As we head into a busy conference and workshop season, please consider writing a review of an event you are involved with.  I will be contacting program chairs for assistance in identifying volunteers, but we often get a better outcome if someone steps forward on their own. 

Many thanks to our colleagues who contributed to this issue!

Best regards,

Jim Davis