Dear Readers:

We are pleased to bring you another  issue of Cipher!   In it you will find a review of NSPW  by Mary Ellen Zurko, an updated Reader's Guide by Anish Mathuria, and a note from Tom Berson.   As you know, Tom Berson's term as Chair of the TCSP is coming to a close.  I know you join me in thanking Tom for his leadership and wisdom during his tenure.  The TCSP Chair position will continue to be well- served when current Vice Chair Mike Rieter steps forward.  Welcome Mike!

I'd like to put out the call for more conference reviews for Cipher.  If you have interest in contributing, please let me know.  Also, are there items you would like to see in future issues of Cipher?   I would appreciate hearing your ideas.   Many thanks to our colleagues who contributed to this issue!

Best regards,

Jim Davis