Dear Readers:

We are pleased to bring you this issue of Cipher!  In it you will find a book review by Robert Bruen, Mary Ellen Zurko's LISTWATCH, conference reviews by Brenda Timmerman and Ricardo Focardi, and new calls-for-papers. 

Worth noting here, the Conference and Workshop section of this issue updates information for the 2001 Symposium on Security and Privacy (May 13-16, 2001, Oakland)...registration is now available and a list of selected papers is provided. 

Contributions to Cipher are always welcome, and we especially appreciate commentary on conferences and workshops.  The pay is poor, but you would certainly gain the instant gratitude of your peers.  Did I mention the pay?  In any event, if you'd  like to contribute a note, let me know.

Many thanks to our colleagues for their help with this issue!  

Best regards,

Jim Davis