Reviewers Requested for IEEE Standard P610.9: Glossary of Computer Security and Privacy Terms

The IEEE Computer Security and Privacy Glossary is currently in preparation, under IEEE Standards Project P610.9. The Glossary has been divided into a number of groups of terms, each of which is designated as a Keyword Group. Each keyword group contains up to several dozen terms, which are related to a common theme within the scope of the Glossary. Terms have also been included from a number of glossaries that have been compiled in the past.

The IEEE Computer Dictionary, when completed, will contain a compendium of several such glossaries.

Members of the IEEE Technical Committee on Security and Privacy are invited to review one or more of the keyword groups within the Security and Privacy Glossary. We ask only that you complete your review in a timely manner and return your comments, since the Glossary is now nearing completion.

Send inquiries to:

Bennett Meyer
Project Leader, P610.9

Please include your name, organizational affiliation, mailing address, email address, and phone number with your request, along with the names of the Keyword Groups you would like to review. The complete list of keyword groups is given below.


     KEYWORD GROUP                 NO. OF TERMS
     =============                 ============ 
 1.  Access concepts                    50
 2.  Administrative security            22
 3.  Security assessment                38
 4.  Channel concepts                   10
 5.  Communications security            32
 6.  Copy protection                    27
 7.  Emanations security                 6
 8.  Encryption                         57
 9.  Erasing/overwriting                12
10.  Formal verification methods        32
11.  General                            23
12.  Hardware/software methods          67
13.  Security levels/modes              84
14.  Passwords                          22
15.  Physical security                   8
16.  Security policies/principles       13
17.  Security threats                   63
18.  Trusted computing base             17
19.  Types of security                  26

Cipher readers may also be interested in the two-volume Unified Glossary of Security and Privacy Terms distributed gratis at the recent NISS 19 conference and (sometimes) available for online searching at (see New Reports Available by FTP and WWW).