[15 July 1996] "We don't have the technology today that we ned to do pure MLS... Quite frankly, today we have two-level MLS, Secret and Unclassified. The technology to do Top Secret down to the Internet is just not there," said Nicholas Piazzola, chief of the National Security Agency's Multilevel Information System Security Initiative (MISSI), according to a report in Government Computer News by Paul Constance (July 15 issue, p. 60). The article reports that while MLS is still a long-term goal, the MISSI program has adopted a "more pragmatic, risk management approach focused on meeting the initial security needs of the Defense Message Systems." Three MISSI products are expected by the end of the year: the Fortezza encryption card (see http://www.armadillo.huntsville.al.us/), a Fortezza/DMS compliant commercial firewall for connecting Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) DMS networks to the Internet (see http://mitten.ie.org:8000, and Secure Computing Corp.'s Secure Network Server, which is available now (see http://www.sctc.com/). A future Fortezza is expected to include commercial encryption algorithms such as DES and RSA.