WTMC 2016 
International Workshop on Traffic Measurements for Cybersecurity  
co-located with 
11th ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (AsiaCCS 2016)
Xi'an, China, 
May 30, 2016 
(submission deadline: February 1, 2016)

Today's world's societies are becoming more and more dependent on open
networks such as the Internet - where commercial activities, business
transactions and government services are realized. This has led to the
fast development of new cyber threats and numerous information
security issues which are exploited by cyber criminals. The inability
to provide trusted secure services in contemporary computer network
technologies has a tremendous socio-economic impact on global
enterprises as well as individuals. Current communication networks are
increasingly becoming pervasive, complex, and ever-evolving due to
factors like enormous growth in the number of network users,
continuous appearance of network applications, increasing amount of
data transferred, and diversity of user behaviors. Understanding and
measuring traffic in such networks is a difficult yet vital task for
network management but recently also for cybersecurity
purposes. Network traffic measuring and monitoring can, for example,
enable the analysis of the spreading of malicious software and its
capabilities or can help to understand the nature of various network
threats including those that exploit users' behavior and other user's
sensitive information. On the other hand network traffic investigation
can also help to assess the effectiveness of the existing
countermeasures or contribute to building new, better ones. Recently,
traffic measurements have been utilized in the area of economics of
cybersecurity e.g. to assess ISP "badness" or to estimate the revenue
of cyber criminals.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
-    Measurements for network incidents response, investigation and 
     evidence handling
-    Measurements for network anomalies detection
-    Measurements for economics of cybersecurity
-    Network traffic analysis to discover the nature and evolution of 
     the cybersecurity threats
-    Measurements for assessing the effectiveness of the threats 
     detection/prevention methods and countermeasures
-    Novel passive, active and hybrid measurements techniques for 
     cybersecurity purposes
-    Traffic classification and topology discovery tools for monitoring 
     the evolving status of the network from the cybersecurity perspective
-    Correlation of measurements across multiple layers, protocols or 
     networks for cybersecurity purposes
-    Novel visualization approaches to detect network attacks and other 
-    Analysis of network traffic to provide new insights about network 
     structure and behavior from the security perspective
-    Measurements of network protocol and applications behavior and its 
     impact on cybersecurity and users' privacy
-    Measurements related to network security and privacy

Info: chairs@wtmc.info