Workshop on Secure Software Engineering Education and Training
			   Turtle Bay, Oahu
			    April 18, 2006

 A Workshop on Secure Software Engineering Education & Training
(WSSEET 2006) will be held with the April 2006 Conference on Software
Engineering Education & Training (CSEE&T), in Turtle Bay, Oahu,
Hawaii. The subject matter for this one-day workshop is the
experience, current situation, and the future of education and
training in software engineering of (more) secure software. This is a
workshop for those from education, government, and industry at all
levels doing education or training in secure software engineering and
for those who would like to - as well as others interested in the
subject or the secure software engineering workforce.

Driven by awareness of the rampant Internet-wide explosion in
exploitation of software vulnerabilities, a growing market (and
potentially regulatory) demand exists for low-defect, secure
software. Current commonplace software specification, design,
implementation, and testing practices provide users with software
containing numerous defects and security vulnerabilities. Industry
needs processes that effectively and efficiently incorporate rigorous
techniques for producing secure software and practitioners that are
motivated, disciplined, and proficient in their execution. These
practitioners must come from both the existing workforce and new
graduates. While industry clearly plays a central role in changing
software production practices, higher education needs to step up to
the crucial role it must play if this change - critical to meeting
both commercial and national security needs - is to occur by helping
create the required workforce through initial and continuing

This pioneering workshop will consist of a mixture of presentations,
panels and discussions, covering a range of select topics, including
%G–%@ identification of workforce skillset requirements,
experiences and plans for secure software engineering education and
training, instructional and change efforts, and innovative and proven
methods in the field.

The preliminary deadlines for papers (both 2-3 page position papers and longer traditional papers) and panels, and date for notification of acceptance are:

     -  Submission of papers 13 October 2005
     -  Proposals for panels 13 October 2005
     -  Notification of acceptance 13 December 2005
     -  Camera ready paper 10 January 2006

General Chair: Samuel T. Redwine, Jr. (James Madison University)

Co-Program Chairs:
     Matt Bishop (University of California, Davis)
     Gary McGraw (Cigital, Inc.)

Program Committee:
     Larry Baker ( Defense Acquisition University )
     Shawn Butler ( Carnegie Mellon University )
     Noopur Davis (Software Engineering Institute)
     Michael Howard (Microsoft Corporation)
     Cynthia Irvine (Naval Postgraduate School)
     Francesco Parisi-Presicce (George Mason University)
     Hossein Saiedian (University of Kansas)
     Daniel Shumaker ( University of Detroit Mercy)
     Laurie Williams ( North Carolina State University)
     Victor Winter (University of Nebraska, Omaha)

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For more information contact: Sam Redwine,