Workshop on Formal and Computational Cryptography (FCC 2006)
July 9 2006, Venice, Italy
co-located with ICALP 2006

Call for Papers

Background, aim and scope

Cryptographic protocols are small distributed programs that add security
services, like confidentiality or authentication, to network
communication. Since the 1980s, two approaches have been developed for
analyzing security protocols. One of the approaches relies on a
computational model that considers issues of complexity and probability.
The other approach relies on a symbolic model of protocol executions in
which cryptographic primitives are black boxes.

The workshop focuses on the relation between the symbolic (Dolev-Yao)
model and the computational (complexity-theoretic) model. Recent results
have shown that in some cases the symbolic analysis is sound with
respect to the computational model. A more direct approach which is also
investigated considers symbolic proofs in the computational model.
Research that proposes formal models sound for quantum security
protocols are also relevant. The workshop seeks results in any of these

FCC'06 will be held in Venice, Italy on July 9th, bridging the CSFW and
the ICALP conferences. We invite submissions that present original
results on the topics of the workshop. We also encourage submissions
that describe work in progress or that further publicise interesting
results published elsewhere. The main goal of the workshop is to
stimulate discussions and new collaborations.

Important Dates

     * Deadline for submission: April 16 2006
     * Notification of acceptance/rejection: May 8 2006
     * Final version due: June 4 2006
     * Workshop: July 9 2006

Program committee

     * Martin Abadi (University of California, Santa Cruz and MSR, USA)
     * Bruno Blanchet (ENS Paris, CNRS, France)
     * Ran Canetti (IBM Research, USA)
     * Veronique Cortier, co-chair, (LORIA, CNRS, France)
     * Cedric Fournet (MSR, Cambridge, UK)
     * Joshua Guttman (MITRE, USA)
     * Steve Kremer, co-chair, (ENS Cachan, INRIA, France)
     * Ralf Kusters (Christian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel, Germany)
     * Yassine Lakhnech (Verimag, CNRS, France)
     * Daniele Micciancio (University of California, San Diego, USA)
     * David Pointcheval (ENS Paris, CNRS, France)
     * Adam Smith (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel)

Submission Instructions

The authors should submit a 3 page extended abstract that will be
peer-reviewed by our program committee. The workshop does not have
formal proceedings, but informal proceedings of the workshop will appear
as an INRIA research report. Workshop registration is open.

Detailed submission instructions will be available at the website soon.

For further information please contact the program chairs: