WASH'13: The Workshop on Web Applications and Secure Hardware, London, 
UK, June 20th, 2013. (Submissions due 5th April 2013).

Web browsers are becoming the platform of choice for applications that 
need to work across a wide range of different devices, including mobile 
phones, tablets, PCs, TVs and in-car systems. However, for web 
applications which require a higher level of assurance, such as online 
banking, mobile payment, and media distribution (DRM), there are 
significant security and privacy challenges.  Secure hardware -- such as 
TPMs, Arm TrustZone, virtualisation and secure elements -- is a 
potential solution, but is rarely made accessible to web applications or 
used by web browsers.

The primary goals of the workshop are to identify challenges in the area 
of web applications and secure hardware, share early results, and 
identify new opportunities for research and development.  We invite 
submissions on the following topics:

* Trustworthy computing infrastructures for web applications
* Improvements to existing web protocols and APIs based on secure hardware
* APIs and standards for browser-based cryptography and access to secure 
* Uses of secure hardware in web browsers
* Security models for web applications involving secure hardware
* Credential management and key storage in the browser
* Web application authentication
* Multi-screen secure web applications
* Web browser access control and isolation techniques

For more information see http://wash2013.wordpress.com/ .