2008 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX '08)
June 22-27, 2008
Sheraton Boston Hotel
39 Dalton Street
Boston MA 02199
Tel: (617) 236-2000
Sponsored by the USENIX Association

The USENIX Annual Technical Conference has always been the place to
present groundbreaking research and cutting-edge practices in a wide
variety of technologies and environments and 2008 is no exception. There
will be an extensive Training Program and Technical Sessions, featuring
the Refereed Papers Track, Invited Talks, and a Poster Session. Join the
community of programmers, developers, and systems professionals in
sharing solutions and fresh ideas.

For more information about USENIX '08, please contact  


USENIX '08 Call for Papers


Authors are invited to submit original and innovative papers to the
Refereed Papers Track of the 2008 USENIX Annual Technical
Conference. We seek high-quality submissions that further the
knowledge and understanding of modern computing systems, with an
emphasis on implementations and experimental results. We encourage
papers that break new ground or present insightful results based on
practical experience. The USENIX conference has a broad scope;
specific topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    * Architectural interaction
    * Deployment experience
    * Distributed and parallel systems
    * Embedded systems
    * Energy/power management
    * File and storage systems
    * Networking and network services
    * Operating systems
    * Reliability, availability, and scalability
    * Security, privacy, and trust
    * System and network management and troubleshooting
    * Usage studies and workload characterization
    * Virtualization
    * Web technology
    * Wireless, sensor, and mobile systems

Best Paper Awards
Cash prizes will be awarded to the best papers at the
conference. Please see the USENIX Compendium of Best Papers for
examples of Best Papers from previous years.

How to Submit
Authors are required to submit full papers by 11:59 p.m. PST, Monday,
January 7, 2008. This is a hard deadline; no extensions will be given.

All submissions for USENIX '08 will be electronic, in PDF format,
through this Web form. USENIX '08 will accept two types of papers:

    * Regular Full Papers: Submitted papers must be no longer than 14
single-spaced pages, including figures, tables, and references, using
10 point font. The first page of the paper should include the paper
title and author name(s); reviewing is single-blind. Papers longer
than 14 pages will not be reviewed. In a good paper, the authors will
          o Attacked a significant problem
          o Devised an interesting and practical solution
          o Clearly described what they have and have not implemented
          o Demonstrated the benefits of their solution
          o Articulated the advances beyond previous work
          o Drawn appropriate conclusions

    * Short Papers: Authors with a contribution for which a full paper
is not appropriate may submit short papers of at most 6 pages,
applying the same formatting guidelines. Examples of short paper
contributions include:
          o Original or unconventional ideas at a preliminary stage of

          o The presentation of interesting results that do not
            require a full-length paper, such as negative results 
	    or experimental validation
          o Advocacy of a controversial position or fresh approach

      Accepted short papers will be published in the Proceedings and
included in the Poster Session, and time will be provided for brief
presentations of these papers.

Specific questions about submissions may be sent to

Simultaneous submission of the same work to multiple venues,
submission of previously published work, and plagiarism constitute
dishonesty or fraud. USENIX, like other scientific and technical
conferences and journals, prohibits these practices and may, on the
recommendation of a program chair, take action against authors who
have committed them. In some cases, program committees may share
information about submitted papers with other conference chairs and
journal editors to ensure the integrity of papers under
consideration. If a violation of these principles is found, sanctions
may include, but are not limited to, barring the authors from
submitting to or participating in USENIX conferences for a set period,
contacting the authors' institutions, and publicizing the details of
the case.

Note that the above does not preclude the submission of a regular full
paper that overlaps with a previous short paper or workshop
paper. However, any submission that derives from an earlier workshop
paper must provide a significant new contribution, for example, by
providing a more complete evaluation. Authors uncertain whether their
submission meets USENIX's guidelines should contact the program
chairs, usenix08chairs@usenix.org, or the USENIX office,

Papers accompanied by nondisclosure agreement forms will not be
considered. All submissions will be treated as confidential prior to
publication in the Proceedings.

Authors will be notified of paper acceptance or rejection by
Wednesday, March 12, 2008. Accepted papers may be shepherded by a
program committee member. Final papers must be no longer than 14
pages, formatted in 2 columns, using 10 point Times Roman type on 12
point leading, in a text block of 6.5" by 9".

Note regarding registration: One author per accepted paper will
receive a registration discount of $200. USENIX will offer a
complimentary registration upon request.