Workshop on Trusted Collaboration, 2006 (TrustCol-2006)
To be held in conjunction with CollaborateCom, 2006.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 17 - 20, 2006

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The ongoing, rapid developments in information systems technologies and 
networking have enabled significant opportunities for streamlining 
decision making processes and maximizing productivity through 
distributed collaborations that facilitate unprecedented levels of 
sharing of information and computational resources. Emerging 
collaborative environments need to provide efficient support for 
seamless integration of heterogeneous technologies such as mobile 
devices and infrastructures, web services, grid computing systems, 
various operating environments, and diverse COTS products. Such 
heterogeneity introduces, however, significant security and privacy 
challenges for distributed collaborative applications. Balancing the 
competing goals of collaboration and security is difficult because 
interaction in collaborative systems is targeted towards making people, 
information, and resources available to all who need it whereas 
information security seeks to ensure the availability, confidentiality, 
and integrity of these elements while providing it only to those with 
proper trustworthiness. The key goal of this workshop is to foster 
active interactions among diverse researchers and practitioners, and 
generate added momentum towards research in finding viable solutions to 
the security and privacy challenges faced by the current and future 
collaborative systems and infrastructures.
We solicit unpublished research papers that address theoretical issues 
and practical implementations/experiences related to security and 
privacy solutions for collaborative systems. Topics of interest include, 
but are not limited to:

- Access control models and mechanisms for collaboration environments
- Security frameworks and architectures for trusted collaboration
- Privacy control in collaborative environments
- Secure middleware for large scale collaborative infrastructures
- Secure dynamic coalition environments
- Secure workflows for collaborative computing
- Secure interoperation in multidomain collaborative environments
- Security and privacy issues in mobile collaborative applications
- Trust models, trust negotiation/management for collaborative systems
- Policy-based management of collaborative workspace
- Secure distributed multimedia collaboration
- Protection models and mechanisms for peer-to-peer collaborative 
- Delegation, accountability, and information flow control in 
collaborative applications
- Intrusion detection, recovery and survivability of collaborative 
- Security of web services and grid technologies for supporting 
multidomain collaborative applications
- Semantic web technologies for security collaborative infrastructures

Important Dates

August 4th, 2006         - Abstract Submission (optional)           
August 18th, 2006        - Paper Submission Deadline
September 18th, 2006     - Notification of Acceptance
October 9th, 2006        - Camera Ready Versions Due

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