IEEE TPS 2023 The Fifth IEEE International Conference on 
Trust, Privacy and Security in Intelligent Systems, and Applications 
Atlanta, GA, USA,
November 1-3, 2023. 
(Submissions due 15 May 2023)

Recent advances in computing and information technologies such as
IoT, mobile Edge/Cloud computing, cyber- physical-social systems,
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/ Deep Learning, etc., have
paved way for creating next generation smart and intelligent systems
and applications that can have transformative impact in our society
while accelerating rapid scientific discoveries and innovations. Such
newer technologies and paradigms are getting increasingly embedded in
the computing platforms and networked information
systems/infrastructures that form the digital foundation for our
personal, organizational and social processes and activities. It is
increasingly becoming critical that the trust, privacy and security
issues in such digital environments are holistically addressed to
ensure the safety and well-being of individuals as well as our

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