Including Technical  Program

                           SecureComm 2006

      Second International Conference on Security and Privacy for
			Communication Networks

		 Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore Hotel
	      Baltimore, MD, USA, Aug. 28 - Sep. 1, 2006

                    URL: http://www.securecomm.org

                           CO-SPONSORED BY:
             IEEE Communications Society (www.comsoc.org)
                    CreateNet (www.create-net.it)

		    In Cooperation with ACM SIGSAC

		Early Registration Ends August 1, 2006

The scope of Securecomm 2006 has been broadened since the inaugural
2005 event. Topics of interest encompass research advances in ALL
areas of secure communications and networking. 

Securecomm aims to bring together security and privacy experts in
academia, industry and government as well as practitioners, standards
developers and policy makers.  Securecomm also serves as a venue for
learning about state-of-the-art in security and privacy
research. Presentations reporting on cutting-edge research results are
supplemented by panels on controversial issues and invited talks on
timely and important topics.

For information regarding the conference, please visit
http://www.securecomm.org or contact one of the Chairs below.



TUESDAY, August 29:

08:30 - 09:00	Introduction and Welcome

09:00 - 10:00	Keynote Talk, Dr. Charles Palmer, IBM; 
		Title: "An(other) Inconvenient Truth" 

10.15 - 12:00 	Session 1: INTRUSION DETECTION and DoS

    * A Flexible Approach to Intrusion Alert Anonymization and
          Dingbang Xu, Peng Ning

    * An Intelligent Infrastructure Strategy to Improving the
      Performance and Detection Capability of Intrusion Detection
            Emmanuel Hooper

    * Framework for Identifying Compromised Nodes in Sensor Networks
          Qing Zhang, Ting Yu, Peng Ning

    * Denial of Service Attacks and Defenses in Decentralized Trust
          Ninghui Li, Jiangtao Li, XiaoFeng Wang, Ting Yu

01:30 - 03:15 	Session 2: WORMS and VIRUSES

    * An Architecture for an Email Worm Prevention System
          Mohamed Taibah, Ehab Al-Shaer

    * Distributed Stealthy Coordination Mechanism for Worm
          Gaurav Kataria, Gaurav Anand, Rudolph Araujo, Ramayya
	  Adrian Perrig

    * Effective Detection of Active Worms with Varying Scan Rate
          Wei Yu, Xun Wang, Dong Xuan, David Lee

    * On Mobile Viruses Exploiting Messaging and Bluetooth Services
         Abhijit Bose, Kang G. Shin

03:30 - 05:15 	Session 3: AD HOC NETWORKS:

    * Discount Anonymous On Demand Routing for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
          Liu Yang, Markus Jakobsson, Susanne Wetzel

    * In-Band Wormholes and Countermeasures in OLSR Networks
          Peter Kruus, Dan Sterne, Richard Gopaul, Michael Heyman, Brian
	  Rivera, Peter Budulas, Brian Luu, Tommy Johnson, Natalie
	  Geoff Lawler 

    * Detecting the Sybil Attack in Ad hoc Networks
          Clay Shields, Chris Piro, Brian N. Levine

    * Enhancing Benign User Cooperation in the Presence of Malicious
      Adversaries in Ad Hoc Networks 
            George Theodorakopoulos, John Baras

07:00 - 09:00:   Demo and Poster Session:


Mobipot, Takehiro Takahashi

Policy Machine Demonstration, David Ferraiolo

Bootstrapping for MIPv6, Vishnu Ram

Electromagnetic Signatures of WLAN Cards: Identification of Cards in
the Presence of an Interferer, Kate Remley and Bob Johnk

PSELS: Practical Secure Email Lists Services, Himanshu Khurana, Jin
Heo and Meenal Pant 

Pvault: A Client Server System Providing Mobile Access to Personal Data,
Ravi Chandra Jammalamadaka, Sharad Mehrotra, Nalini Venkatasubramanian


Collaborative Location Certification for Sensor Networks, Sol Lederer

Physical Layer Information Assurance Enhancement Using Phased Arrays,
Joe Carey

Enhancing Privacy Preservation of Anonymous Location Sampling
Techniques in Traffic Monitoring Systems, Baik Hoh, Marco Gruteser

Security in Mobile Ad hoc Networks, G.V.S.Raju

A Centralized Group Rekeying Scheme for Secure Group Communication in
Wireless Sensor Networks, Yong Wang and Byrav Ramamurthy

---------------- DAY 2 ---------------------

WEDNESDAY, August 30:

09:00 - 10:00:	Invited Talk, Mr. Brian Snow, Title: "We Need Assurance"

10.15 - 12:00   Session 4: APPLIED CRYPTO + CODING

    * An Identity-based Ring Signature Scheme with Enhanced Privacy
          Chandana Gamage, Ben Gras, Andrew Tanenbaum, Bruno Crispo

    * Implementation and Performance Evaluation of EAP-TLS-KS
          Jared Cordasco, Ulrike Meyer, and Susanne Wetzel

    * Provably Secure Ubiquitous Systems: Universally Composable RFID
      Authentication Protocols 
          Mike Burmester, Tri van Le, Breno de Medeiros

    * Packet coding for strong anonymity in ad hoc networks
          Imad Aad, Claude Castelluccia, Jean-Pierre Hubaux

01:30 - 03:15	Session 5: MALICIOUS TRAFFIC

    * Protecting Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
      Using Distributed Filtering  
            Jonathan Trostle 

    * A Double Horizon Defense Design for Robust Regulation of
      Malicious Traffic 
            Ying Xu, Roch Guerin

    * TOPO: A Topology-aware Single Packet Attack Traceback Scheme
          Linfeng Zhang, Yong Guan

    * On filtering of DDoS attacks based on source address prefixes
          Cristian Estan, Gary Pack, Jaeyoung Yoon, Eli Collins

03:30 - 05:15	Session 6: Network Security I:

    * Preventing Cross Site Request Forgery Attacks
          Nenad Jovanovic, Christopher Kruegel, Engin Kirda
    * DaTA -- Data Transparent Authentication without Communication
          Songqing Chen, Shiping Chen, Xinyuan Wang, Sushil Jajodia

    * Attacking Mobile Phones by Exploiting Emerging Vulnerabilities
      in Cellular Data Services 
          Hao Chen, Denys Ma, Radmilo Racic

    * MOBIWORP: Mitigation of the Wormhole Attack in Mobile Multihop
      Wireless Networks 
          Issa Khalil, Saurabh Bagchi, Ness Shroff
06:30 - 08:00	Conference Reception

---------------- DAY 3 ---------------------

THURSDAY, August 31:

08:30 - 10:00	PANEL 

TITLE: Achieving Practical Private Information Retrieval

CHAIR: Radu Sion (SUNY, Stony Brook)

PANELISTS: Aggelos Kiayias (Univ. of Connecticut), Giovanni Di
	   Crescenzo (Telcordia), William Gasarch (Univ. of Maryland)
and Moti
	   Yung (RSA, Inc. and Columbia Univ.)

10:15 - 12:00	Session 7:  Network Security II:

    * Leveraging IPsec for Mandatory Access Control Across Systems
          Trent Jaeger, Dave King, Kevin Butler, Serge Hallyn, Joy
          Latten, Xiaolan Zhang 

    * Enabling Confidentiality in Content-Based Publish/Subscribe
            Costin Raiciu, David Rosenblum

    * Non-Invasive Methods for Host Certification
	   Patrick Traynor, Michael Chien, Scott Weaver, Boniface
	   Hicks, Patrick McDaniel  

    * Secure Real-time User Preference Collection for Broadcast
          Xuhua Ding, Baihua Zheng, Shuhong Wang

01:00 - 02:45	Session 8: SENSOR and CELLULAR NETWORKS:

    * Message Dropping Attacks in Overlay Networks: Attack Detection
      and Attacker Identification 
            Liang Xie, Sencun Zhu

    * How to Design Connected Sensor Networks that are Provably Secure
          Roberto Di Pietro, Luigi Mancini, Alessandro Mei, Jaikumar
          Radhakrishnan, Alessandro Panconesi

    * Distributed Authentication of Program Integrity Verification in
      Wireless Sensor Networks 
          Katharine Chang, Kang G. Shin

    * Towards More Efficient Distance Bounding Protocols for Use in
      Sensor Networks 
          Catherine Meadows, Paul Syverson, LiWu Chang 


Workshops will be held on Monday, August 28 and September 1 (Friday)



General Co-Chairs

Mukesh Singhal, University of Kentucky, singhal@cs.uky.edu
John Baras, University of Maryland, College Park, baras@isr.umd.edu

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Steve Kent, BBN, kent@bbn.com
Gene Tsudik, UC Irvine,  gts@ics.uci.edu

Workshops Chair

G. Manimaran, Iowa State University, gmani@iastate.edu

Panels Co-Chairs

Bruno Crispo, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands, crispo@few.vu.nl
Avishai Wool, Technion, Israel, yash@eng.tau.ac.il

Research Demos/Exhibits Chair

Tom Karygiannis, NIST, karygiannis@nist.gov

Sponsorships Chair

Byrav Ramamurthy, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, byrav@cse.unl.edu

Publicity Co-Chairs

Peng Liu, Penn State University, pliu@ist.psu.edu
Cristina Nita-Rotaru, Purdue University, crisn@cs.purdue.edu

Publication Chair

Farooq Anjum, Telcordia Technologies, fanjum@telcordia.com

Steering Committee:

 Imrich Chlamtac (Chair), Create-Net
 Krishna M. Sivalingam (Co-Chair), University of Maryland, Baltimore
 Gene Tsudik, University of California, Irvine
 Brian Bigalke,  (Staff Liaison, IEEE Communications Society)


 N. Asokan	        Nokia Research			    
 Giuseppe Ateniese	Johns Hopkins University	    
 Tuomas Aura		Microsoft Research		    
 Dirk Balfanz		PARC				    
 Bharat Bhargava	Purdue				    
 Matt Bishop		University of California, Davis	    
 Levente Buttyan	Budapest University of Technology   
 Srdjan Capkun		Technical University of Denmark	    
 Claude Castelluccia	Inria Rhone-Alpes		    
 Tom Chen		Southern Methodist University	    
 Bruno Crispo		Vrije Universitet 		    
 Breno de Medeiros	University of Central Florida	    
 Robert Deng		Singapore Management University	    
 Xuhua Ding		Singapore Management University	    
 Glenn Durfee		PARC				    
 Bao Feng		Institute for Infocomm Research	    
 Dieter Gollmann	Technical University of Hamburg-Harb
 Richard Han		University of Colorado at Boulder
 Tom Karygiannis	NIST				    
 Yongdae Kim		University of Minnessota	    
 Christopher Kruegel	Technical University of Vienna	    
 Kwok-Yan Lam		Tsinghua University		    
 Brian LaMacchia	Microsoft			    
 Carl Landwehr		University of Maryland
 Wenke Lee		Georgia Tech			    
 Albert Levi		Sabanci University,		    
 Ninghui Li		Purdue				    
 Peng Liu		Pennsylvania State University	    
 Luigi Mancini		Unversity of Rome - La Sapienza	    
 Fabio Massacci		University of Trento		    
 Ludovic Me'		Supelec				    
 Pietro Michiardi	Eurecom Institute		    
 Refik Molva		Eurecom Institute		    
 Mats Naslund		Ericsson Research		    
 Pekka Nikander		Ericsson Nomadiclab		    
 Cristina Nita-Rotaru	Purdue				    
 Radha Poovendran	University of Washington	    
 Byrav Ramamurthy	University of Nebraska-Lincoln	    
 Michael Roe		Microsoft Research		    
 Sanjeev Setia		George Mason University		    
 Cliff Wang		Army Research Laboratory	    
 Helen Wang		Microsoft Research		    
 Ron Watro		BBN				    
 Dirk Westhoff		NEC Research			    
 Susanne Wetzel		Stevens Institute of Technology	    
 Avishai Wool		Tel Aviv University		    
 Shouhuai Xu		University of Texas, San Antonio    
 Xiaowei Yang		University of California, Irvine    
 Bulent Yener 		Rensselauer Polytechnic Institute   
 Jeong Hyun Yi		Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
 Jianying Zhou		Institute for Infocomm Research	    
 Alf Zugenmaier		DoCoMo Labs