Theme: Ghost in the Protocol - Security Protocols and AI

The Organising Committee of the International Workshop on Security
Protocols is pleased to announce that the twenty-ninth edition of this
event will be held in person in Brno, Czechia on 10-12 April 2024. We
invite proposals for papers containing exciting, original ideas that
will elicit lively, thought-provoking in-person discussions. SPW
papers should lead to conceptual advances, not be archival papers
about work that has already been completed and polished. The workshop
is by invitation only; to receive an invitation, please submit a
position paper by 8 January 2024 for our consideration. Please
circulate this invitation to the members of your research group and to
any collaborators you think might be interested.


The theme of the 2024 workshop is "Ghost in the Protocol - Security
Protocols and AI".

Security protocols have always been seized with the question of
whether a participant is a human or not. Given recent developments
around the generation of text, images, code, audio and video, however,
we must now consider the interplay of AI and the protocols
themselves. Can machine-generated protocols, with machine-checked
proofs, do a better job than human designers? Instead of humans
producing machine-readable protocol descriptions, can machines produce
human-comprehensible descriptions?

As always, please consider this theme as inspirational rather than
restrictive. As long-time attendees already know, it is perfectly
acceptable to offer a position paper only loosely related to the
theme, or on another security topic, provided the paper is deemed
likely to stimulate an interesting discussion. New authors are
encouraged to browse through past volumes of post-proceedings (search
for Security Protocols Workshop in the Springer LNCS series) to get a
flavour for the variety and diversity of topics that have been
accepted in past years, as well as the lively discussion that has
accompanied them.


|           Date | Significance                  |
| -------------: | ----------------------------- |
|     8 Jan 2024 | Submission of position papers |
|     5 Feb 2024 | Invitations to authors        |
|     4 Mar 2024 | Revised papers due            |
|    11 Mar 2024 | Registration deadline         |
| 10-12 Apr 2024 | Workshop in Brno              |


The long-running Security Protocols Workshop has hosted lively debates
with many security luminaries (the late Robert Morris, chief scientist
at the NSA and well known for his pioneering work on Unix passwords,
used to be a regular) and continues to provide a formative event for
young researchers. The post-proceedings, published in LNCS, contain
not only the refereed papers but the curated transcripts of the
ensuing discussions (see the website for pointers to past volumes).

Attendance is by invitation only. To be considered for invitation you
must submit a position paper: it will not be possible to come along as
just a member of the audience. Start writing now! "Writing the paper
is how you develop the idea in the first place", in the wise words of
Simon Peyton-Jones.

The Security Protocols Workshop is, and has always been, highly
interactive. We actively encourage participants to interrupt and
challenge the speaker. The presented position papers will be revised
and enhanced before publication as a consequence of such debates. This
is the main reason why we cancelled the workshop during lockdown,
rather than switching to videoconference as many other events did. We
believe the interactive debates during the presentations, and the
spontaneous technical discussions during breaks, meals and the formal
dinner, are part of the DNA of our workshop. We encourage you to
present stimulating and disruptive ideas that are still at an initial
stage, rather than "done and dusted" completed papers of the kind that
a top-tier conference would expect. We are interested in eliciting
interesting discussion rather than collecting archival material.


Authors should submit their position papers via the Microsoft
Conference Managment Toolkit
( Submissions must be in
PDF, produced using the latest Springer LNCS LaTeX2e template
and must not exceed 5 pages in that format. The final post-proceedings
papers may be longer. Invitations or rejections (but not paper reviews
or grades, which our selection process does not produce) will be sent
back to the authors shortly after the submission deadline. Invited
authors will have a chance to revise their position paper before the
presentation, to be included in the pre-proceedings distributed to
participants at the event. After the workshop, presenters will produce
an edited transcript of the discussion of their presentation, as well
as a revised paper incorporating any improvements and new insights,
both of which will be included in the post-proceedings to be published
in Springer LNCS.


If you have any enquiries about the workshop that are not answered on
the website at
(, please contact the
General Chair of this year's organising committee, 
Vashek Matyas ( 
or the Program Chair,
Jonathan Anderson (