Call For Participation
International Workshop on Security and Privacy Analytics
8:30 am – 5:45 pm, March 4, 2015
Co-located with ACM CODASPY 2015 (

Increasingly, sophisticated techniques from machine learning, data
mining, statistics and natural language processing are being applied
to challenges in security and privacy fields. However, experts from
these areas have no medium where they can meet and exchange ideas so
that strong collaborations can emerge, and cross-fertilization of
these areas can occur. Moreover, current courses and curricula in
security do not sufficiently emphasize background in these areas and
students in security and privacy are not emerging with deep knowledge
of these topics. Hence, we propose a workshop that will address the
research and development efforts in which analytical techniques from
machine learning, data mining, natural language processing and
statistics are applied to solve security and privacy challenges
("security analytics").

o  List of Accepted Papers
Full Papers:
Application-Specific Traffic Anomaly Detection Using Universal Background Model
  Hassan Alizadeh, Samaneh Khoshrou and André Zúquete.
HRS: A Hybrid Framework for Malware Detection
  Zhentan Feng, Shuguang Xiong, Deqiang Cao, Xiaolu Deng, Xin Wang, Yang
  Yang, Xiaobo Zhou, Yan Huang and Guangzhu Wu.

Predicting Cyber Security Incidents Using Feature-Based
 Characterization of Network-Level Malicious Activities
  Yang Liu, Jing Zhang, Armin Sarabi, Mingyan Liu, Manish Karir and
  Michael Bailey.

Towards Better Semi-Supervised Classification of Malicious Software
  Shobhit Shakya and Jian Zhang.

Short Papers:

Keystroke Active Authentications Based on Most Frequently Used Words
Alaa Darabseh and Akbar Siami Namin.

Using Density Estimation to Detect Computer Intrusions
Kyle Caudle, Larry Pyeatt and Christer Karlsson.

Visualizing Traffic Causality for Analyzing Network Anomalies
Hao Zhang, Maoyuan Sun, Danfeng Yao and Chris North.

o  Keynote Speakers
 .  Dr. George Cybenko<> (Dartmouth College)

 .  Dr. Nasir Memon<>
   (CSE Department, School of Engineering. NYU)

o  Organizing Committee
 .  Wenyaw Chan (University of Texas) Poster Session Chair
 .  Ping Chen (University of Massachusetts-Boston) Publicity Chair
 .  Stephen Huang (University of Houston) Organizing Committee Chair
 .  Ernst Leiss (University of Houston) Panel Session Chair
 .  Rakesh Verma (University of Houston) Technical Program Committee Chair

For more information contact: Stephen Huang at> or Rakesh Verma at