We are organizing a session with the title "Security Issues in
Adaptive Distributed Systems" in connection with CITSA2006, July
20-23, 2006 - Orlando, Florida.

In this session, we will be introducing a new theme which is the
security problems that can emerge due to "monitoring" of networks and
distributed systems in order to adapt them to the changing conditions
of the underlying environments.

In the session, we will first focus on:

  a.. Security and performance issues in networks and distributed systems. 
  b.. Monitoring in networks and distributed systems.
  c.. Adaptation in networks and distributed systems.
Then, we will extend the focus to: 

  a.. Security issues that might emerge due to monitoring especially
monitoring for adaptation.

Papers either a review in these lines or which addresses specific
issues relevant to these lines are welcome.

The submission deadline for the session is 02-April-2006 and the
papers that will be presented to our session are subject to peer
review. The camera ready papers will be ready no later that April
25th, 2006.