Open call for Track Articles on Computer Crime in IEEE Internet Computing ========================================================================= CFP: Track Articles on Computer Crime in IEEE Internet Computing
As the Internet has grown and extended its reach into every part of
people's lives, it shouldn't be surprising that criminals have
seized the opportunity to expand their activities into this new
realm. This has been fostered in particular by the fact that the
Internet was designed as an open and trusting
environment. Unfortunately many of these architectural choices are
fundamental to the Internet's success and current architecture and
are therefore hard to overcome. Computer crime ranges from rather
simple crimes such as theft of intellectual property or computer and
network resources to complex cooperate espionage or even cyber

This special track for Internet Computing seeks original articles that
cover computer crime as it relates to the Internet. Appropriate topics

 	o   trends and classification of criminal activities on the Internet;

 	o   computer crime prevention, including approaches implemented
   	    in user interfaces, end user systems, networks, or server

 	o   case studies of criminal activities;

 	o   computer forensics;

 	o   impact assessments of criminal activities on the Internet; and

 	o   new architectures to prevent Internet crime.

Track Editors: Nasir Memon ( and Oliver Spatscheck

Submissions will be accepted for this track from 15 July 2011 to 15
July 2012 Note: Track articles run one per issue for a single calendar
year. Articles will be run in the order in which they are accepted for

For submission information visit