International Journal of Information Security

Special Issue on "SCADA and Control System Security"

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and industrial
control systems monitor and control a wide range of industrial and
infrastructure processes such as manufacturing production lines, water
treatment, fuel production and electricity distribution. Such systems
are usually built using a variety of commodity computer and networking
components, and are becoming increasingly interconnected with
corporate and other Internet-visible networks.  As a result, they face
significant threats from internal and external actors. For example,
the now famous Stuxnet (which is a Windows-specific computer worm
containing a rootkit and four zero-day attacks) was specifically
written to attack SCADA systems that alone caused multi-million
dollars damages in 2010.

The critical requirement for high availability in SCADA and industrial
control systems, along with the use of bespoke, resource constrained
computing devices, legacy operating systems and proprietary software
applications limits the applicability of traditional information
security solutions. Thus, research focusing on devising security
solutions that are applicable in the control systems context is
imperative, as evidenced by the increased focus on the problem by
governments worldwide.

This Special Issue aims to present the latest developments, trends and
research solutions addressing security of the computers and networks
used in SCADA and other industrial control systems. The topics of
interest include but not limited to, intrusion detection and
prevention, malware, vulnerability analysis of control systems
protocols, digital forensics, application security and performance
impact of security methods and tools in control systems.  This list is
not exhaustive and other relevant topics will be considered.

We solicit previously unpublished, original research papers as well as
review articles (presenting state-of-the art research and creating
clear understanding of a particular topic). Conference papers with
significant improvement will also be considered, provided that authors
have clearly identified the improvements in the paper and also
highlight the changes to their previous paper.

Submission Guidelines:
Only high quality original work that has not been published or is not
currently under review elsewhere will be considered.

Instructions for submission can be found at Journal's website at The
submitted papers should be formatted according to the journal style
and submitted via the journal web-based submission route at

Each paper must be accompanied by a cover letter indicating that the
submission is for the "Special Issue on SCADA and Control System

All papers will be reviewed on originality, quality and relevance to
the journal and handled according to the normal standards of the

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: 21 August 2011
Acceptance notification: 30 December 2011
Final papers due: 20 February 2012
Publication: 2012 (tentative)

Guest Editorial Board:

Dr. Irfan Ahmed, Information Security Institute, Queensland University
of Technology, Australia.

Dr. Martin Naedele, ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland.

Adj/Prof. Charles Palmer, Dartmouth College, USA & Director IBM's
  Institute for Advanced Security

Prof. Ryoichi Sasaki, Tokyo Denki University, Japan

Adj/A. Prof. Bradley Schatz, Queensland University of Technology, &
  Director Schatz Forensic, Australia.

Andrew West, Invensys Operations Management, Australia