IEEE Transactions on Computers, Special Section on
Secure Computer Architectures
Submission Due: 30 May 2016

IEEE Transactions on Computers seeks original manuscripts for a Special
Section on Secure Computer Architectures tentatively scheduled to appear
in the July 2017 issue. The topics of interest for this special section

- Cryptographic Primitives
- Homomorphic Computing and Multiparty Computing
- Scalability Issues of Server-level Secure Computing
- High Performance/Low Power Cryptography
- Oblivious RAM
- Side-Channel Analysis
- Side-channel attacks and defenses
- Hardware Trojans and Backdoors
- Hardware Vulnerabilities - Counters, Caches, Shared Memory
- Computing Architectures for Isolation
- Smartphone Security
- Embedded Systems Security
- Secure Processors and Systems
- Hardware Security
- Secure Virtualization and Memory Safety
- Security Simulation, Testing, Validation and Verification
- Metrics for Tamper Resistance
- Security Metrics
- Standards in Secure Computing
- Instruction-Sets for Security and Cryptography
- Dedicated and Protected Storage
- Secure Computer Interfaces

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